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Pragmatism as a Way of Life

The Lasting Legacy of William James and John Dewey

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Publication Date: 05/15/2017


496 pages

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Related Subjects

  • Standard Editions of the Works of the Classical Pragmatists
  • Introduction [David Macarthur]
  • I. The Insights of Classical and Neo-Pragmatism
    • 1. Taking Pragmatism Seriously [Ruth Anna Putnam with a Reply by Hilary Putnam]
    • 2. Pragmatism and Verificationism [Hilary Putnam]
    • 3. What Makes Pragmatism So Different? [Hilary Putnam]
    • 4. Pragmatism and Nonscientific Knowledge [Hilary Putnam]
    • 5. Weaving Seamless Webs [Ruth Anna Putnam]
    • 6. Rorty’s Vision: Philosophical Courage and Social Hope [Ruth Anna Putnam]
    • 7. Reflections on the Future of Pragmatism [Ruth Anna Putnam]
  • II. Key Topics in the Pragmatism of James and Dewey
    • 8. Was James a Pragmatist? [Ruth Anna Putnam]
    • 9. Pragmatism and Realism [Hilary Putnam]
    • 10. What the Spilled Beans Can Spell: The Difficult and Deep Realism of William James [Hilary Putnam and Ruth Anna Putnam]
    • 11. James’s Theory of Truth [Hilary Putnam]
    • 12. James on Truth (Again) [Hilary Putnam]
    • 13. James’s Philosophical Friendships, 1902–1905 [Hilary Putnam]
    • 14. What James’s Pragmatism Offers Us: A Reading of the First Chapter of Pragmatism [Hilary Putnam]
    • 15. Varieties of Experience and Pluralities of Perspective [Ruth Anna Putnam]
    • 16. William James on Religion [Ruth Anna Putnam]
    • 17. The Real William James: Response to Robert Meyers [Hilary Putnam and Ruth Anna Putnam]
    • 18. Dewey’s Central Insight [Hilary Putnam]
    • 19. Dewey’s Epistemology [Ruth Anna Putnam]
    • 20. Dewey’s Faith [Ruth Anna Putnam]
  • III. Pragmatist Conceptions of Moral Value and Democracy
    • 21. Philosophy as a Reconstructive Activity: William James on Moral Philosophy [Hilary Putnam]
    • 22. The Moral Impulse [Ruth Anna Putnam]
    • 23. The Moral Life of a Pragmatist [Ruth Anna Putnam]
    • 24. Creating Facts and Values [Ruth Anna Putnam]
    • 25. Perceiving Facts and Values [Ruth Anna Putnam]
    • 26. Democracy and Value Inquiry [Ruth Anna Putnam]
    • 27. Democracy as a Way of Life [Ruth Anna Putnam]
  • Appendix: Other Works on Pragmatism by Hilary Putnam and Ruth Anna Putnam
  • Works Cited
  • Acknowledgments
  • Index

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