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Asia Inside Out

Connected Places

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ISBN 9780674967687

Publication Date: 06/08/2015


432 pages

6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches

26 halftones, 5 maps, 5 graphs, 2 tables

Asia Inside Out


  • Map: Mapping Our Asian Connections
  • Introduction: Spatial Assemblages [Helen F. Siu, Eric Tagliacozzo, and Peter C. Perdue]
  • 1. Placing the “Chinese Pirates” of the Gulf of Tongking at the End of the Eighteenth Century [Charles Wheeler]
  • 2. The Original Translocal Society: Making Chaolian from Land and Sea [Helen F. Siu and Liu Zhiwei]
  • 3. Spatial Moments: Chittagong in Four Scenes [Willem van Schendel]
  • 4. War and Charisma: Horses and Elephants in the Indian Ocean Economy [Alan Mikhail]
  • 5. Homemaking as Placemaking: Women in Elite Households in Early Modern Japan and Late Imperial China [Marcia Yonemoto]
  • 6. Crossing Borders in Imperial China [Peter C. Perdue]
  • 7. Kashmiri Merchants and Qing Intelligence Networks in the Himalayas: The Ahmed Ali Case of 1830 [Matthew W. Mosca]
  • 8. Circulations via Tangyan, a Town in the Northern Shan State of Burma [Wen-Chin Chang]
  • 9. Turning Space into Place: British India and the Invention of Iraq [Priya Satia]
  • 10. Marriage and the Management of Place in Southern Arabia [Mandana E. Limbert]
  • 11. Romanization without Rome: China’s Latin New Script and Soviet Central Asia [Jing Tsu]
  • 12. Riding the Wave: Korea’s Economic Growth and Asia in the Modern Development Era [Park Bun-Soon]
  • 13. The Circulation of Korean Pop: Soft Power and Inter-Asian Conviviality [Whang Soon-Hee]
  • Contributors
  • Acknowledgments
  • Index

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