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Reagan's Legacy in a World Transformed

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  • Foreword [Brian Mulroney]
  • Introduction [Paul Kengor and Jeffrey L. Chidester]
  • I. At Home and Abroad: The Global Impact of Reagan’s Domestic Policy
    • 1. Ronald Reagan and the New Age of Globalization [Alfred E. Eckes Jr.]
    • 2. The “Great Expansion”: The Economic Legacy of Ronald Reagan [Henry R. Nau]
    • 3. “The Balancer”: Ronald Reagan, Party Politics, and U.S. Grand Strategy [Peter Trubowitz]
  • II. Trends in Global Democracy: The Reagan Legacy
    • 4. From Containment to Liberation: U.S. Strategy toward Eastern Europe [Jeffrey L. Chidester]
    • 5. Reagan’s “March of Freedom” in a Changing World [Paul Kengor]
  • III. A New National Strategy: Reagan’s Defense Policy Revisited
    • 6. The Beginning of a New U.S. Grand Strategy: Policy on Terror during the Reagan Era [Kiron K. Skinner]
    • 7. Ronald Reagan and American Defense [Eliot A. Cohen]
  • IV. The Great Debate: Reagan and Negotiating the End of the Cold War
    • 8. A World of Fewer Nuclear Weapons: Ronald Reagan’s Willingness to Negotiate [Paul Kengor]
    • 9. Building Up and Seeking Peace: President Reagan’s Cold War Legacy [Beth A. Fischer]
    • 10. Ronald Reagan, Liberalism, and the Politics of Nuclear War and National Security, 1981–1985 [Julian E. Zelizer]
  • V. Reagan and Multilateralism: Two Voices
    • 11. Ronald Reagan’s Approach to the United Nations [Kim R. Holmes]
    • 12. Ronald Reagan, the Pragmatic Internationalist [Barry E. Carter]
  • Notes
  • Acknowledgments
  • Contributors
  • Index

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