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Thinking and Being

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ISBN 9780674967892

Publication Date: 07/09/2018


176 pages

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To his admirers, Kimhi is a hidden giant, a profound thinker… Strives to do a lot in a short space, aiming to overthrow views about logic and metaphysics that have prevailed in philosophy for a century.The New York Times Book Review

It would be remiss to downplay the enormous effort required to understand this book, but even more so to diminish its rewards. Impossible, frustrating, beguiling and iconoclastic, few books in philosophy have challenged my views about so much, so deeply… For those within whom dissatisfaction with philosophy’s dominant methods and presuppositions glimmers darkly, the book suggests a radical new project, one that starts by taking us back to the very beginning of philosophy and showing that we can, each of us, think our way through it all over again, now differently… Extraordinary work.—Steven Methven, The Point

Irad Kimhi’s Thinking and Being is a profound philosophical inquiry into mind and world. The text is difficult. I had to work hard at every sentence to make sure I was following the argument. But the more I did this the more I realized that this book challenges fundamental assumptions of logic and metaphysics that have dominated analytic philosophy throughout the twentieth century and into the present. By going back to the ancient Greeks, Kimhi reanimates a sense of what we might mean by first philosophy. I believe this book marks a turning point.—Jonathan Lear, University of Chicago

This book is the most rewarding text by a living author that I have read in years. Kimhi is a philosopher of the highest caliber. Thinking and Being is revolutionary in relation to contemporary orthodoxy by being conservative in relation to certain classical texts. It will have an immediate and powerful impact in a wide array of fields.—Sebastian Rödl, University of Leipzig

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