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Chimpanzees and Human Evolution

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ISBN 9780674967953

Publication Date: 11/27/2017


848 pages

6-3/8 x 9-1/4 inches

41 halftones, 31 graphs, 27 tables

Belknap Press


  • I. Was the Last Common Ancestor of Chimpanzees and Humans Chimpanzee-Like?
    • 1. Introduction: Chimpanzees and Human Evolution [Martin N. Muller]
    • 2. Reconstructing the Last Common Ancestor of Chimpanzees and Humans [David R. Pilbeam and Daniel E. Lieberman]
    • 3. Equal, Similar, but Different: Convergent Bonobos and Conserved Chimpanzees [Brian Hare and Richard W. Wrangham]
  • II. Chimpanzees and the Evolution of Human Uniqueness
    • 4. Introduction: Chimpanzees and Human Uniqueness [Martin N. Muller]
    • 5. Mortality, Senescence, and Life Span [Michael D. Gurven and Cristina M. Gomes]
    • 6. Fertility and Fecundity [Melissa Emery Thompson and Peter T. Ellison]
    • 7. Locomotor Ecology and Evolution in Chimpanzees and Humans [Herman Pontzer]
    • 8. Evolution of the Human Dietary Niche: Initial Transitions [Sherry V. Nelson and Marian I. Hamilton]
    • 9. Evolution of the Human Dietary Niche: Quest for High Quality [Rachel N. Carmody]
    • 10. From Pan to Man the Hunter: Hunting and Meat Sharing by Chimpanzees, Humans, and Our Common Ancestor [Brian M. Wood and Ian C. Gilby]
    • 11. The Evolution of the Human Mating System [Martin N. Muller and David R. Pilbeam]
    • 12. From Chimpanzee Society to Human Society: Bridging the Kinship Gap [Bernard Chapais]
    • 13. Violent Cousins: Chimpanzees, Humans, and the Roots of War [Michael L. Wilson and Luke Glowacki]
    • 14. Cooperative and Competitive Relationships within Sexes [Richard W. Wrangham and Joyce Benenson]
    • 15. Cooperation between the Sexes [Adrian V. Jaeggi, Paul L. Hooper, Ann E. Caldwell, Michael D. Gurven, Jane B. Lancaster, and Hillard S. Kaplan]
    • 16. Sexual Coercion in Chimpanzees and Humans [Martin N. Muller]
    • 17. Tool Use and Manufacture in the Last Common Ancestor of Pan and Homo [Campbell Rolian and Susana Carvalho]
    • 18. Cultural Evolution in Chimpanzees and Humans [Joseph Henrich and Claudio Tennie]
    • 19. Chimpanzee Cognition and the Roots of the Human Mind [Alexandra G. Rosati]
    • 20. Ancestral Precursors, Social Control, and Social Selection in the Evolution of Morals [Christopher Boehm]
    • 21. Communication and Language [Katie E. Slocombe and Thom Scott-Phillips]
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