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Harvard East Asian Monographs 343

A Continuous Revolution

Making Sense of Cultural Revolution Culture

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ISBN 9780674970533

Publication Date: 09/26/2016


502 pages

7 x 10 inches

14 halftones, 113 line illustrations

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  • Preface
  • Illustrations and Online Resources
  • Introduction: Nose—Smells
    • Popular Culture and Cultural Revolution Culture: Theory, Practice, and Experience
      • Art as Propaganda
      • (Subjective) Receptions of Propaganda
      • (Objective) Forms of Propaganda
        • Variety and Availability: Art as Education
        • Propaganda and Pop: Art for Entertainment
        • Continuity and Repetition: Art in History
      • Propaganda as Art
  • Part I: Ears—Sounds
    • Prologue
    • 1. From Mozart to Mao to Mozart: Musical Revolutions in China
    • 2. The Sounds Amidst the Fury: Cultural Revolution Songs from Xian Xinghai to Cui Jian
  • Part II: Mouth—Words
    • Prologue
    • 3. Destroying the Old and Learning from Black Material: The Political Fate of a Famous School Primer
    • 4. The Foolish Old Man who Moved the Mountains: Superscribing a Foundational Myth
  • Part III: Eyes—Images
    • Prologue
    • 5. Mao Wherever You Go: The Art of Repetition in Revolutionary China
    • 6. Chain(ed) Pictures and Chained by Pictures: Comics and Cultural Revolutions in China
  • Conclusion: Hands—Touch
    • Cultural Revolution Culture and Popular Culture: Theorizing Practice and Experience
  • Appendixes
    • 1. List of Interviewees
    • 2. Interview Questions
    • 3. Chronology of the Model Works
  • Reference Matter
    • Works Cited
    • Index of Names, Titles, and Slogans
    • Subject Index

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