Cover: Social Policies and Decentralization in Cuba: Change in the Context of 21st Century Latin America, from Harvard University PressCover: Social Policies and Decentralization in Cuba in PAPERBACK

Series on Latin American Studies 32

Social Policies and Decentralization in Cuba

Change in the Context of 21st Century Latin America

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Publication Date: 06/05/2017


282 pages

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15 line illustrations, 17 tables

David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies > Series on Latin American Studies


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  • List of Contributors
    • 1. Introduction: Social Policy and Economic Change in Cuba [Jorge I. Domínguez]
  • I. Deliberating over Social Policy
    • 2. Alternative Development and Alternatives to Development: The Decentralization Process in Contemporary Cuba [Geydis Elena Fundora Nevot]
    • 3. Social Inequalities: Sites of Transformation for Community Actors and Social Policy [María del Carmen Zabala Argüelles]
  • II. Experimenting with Organizational Designs
    • 4. Municipalization and Social Policy in Cuba [Mayra Espina Prieto]
    • 5. Nonfarm Cooperatives in the Current Cuban Context: Challenges and Perspectives [Reynaldo Jiménez Guethón and Niurka Padrón Sánchez]
  • III. Social Policy Issue Areas: Education, Health Care, and Environment
    • 6. Education and Employment in Cuba: Congruity or Disequilibrium? The First Fifteen Years of the Twenty-First Century [Dayma Echevarría León and Mayra Tejuca Martínez]
    • 7. Looking at Health Care in Cuba: Social Policy in a Context of Widening Social Inequality [Susset Fuentes Reverón]
    • 8. Environmental Policy and Management of Water Resources: Challenges and Perspectives [Marta Rosa Muñoz Campos]
  • IV. The Latin American Social Policy Context
    • 9. The Impact of Remittances on Poverty and Inequality for Cuba: Lessons from Latin America [Lorena G. Barberia]
    • 10. The Micro-Foundations of Non-Contributory Social Policy in Latin America [Soledad Artiz Prillaman]

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