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The Classical Liberal Constitution

The Uncertain Quest for Limited Government

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Publication Date: 03/20/2017


704 pages

6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches


  • Preface: My Constitutional Odyssey
  • Part One: Preliminaries
      • Introduction: Our Two Constitutions
      • 1. The Classical Liberal Synthesis
      • 2. The Progressive Response
      • 3. Constitutional Interpretation: The Original and the Prescriptive Constitutions
  • Part Two: Constitutional Structures
    • Section I: The Judicial Power
      • 4. The Origins of Judicial Review
      • 5. Marbury and Martin
      • 6. Standing: Background and Origins
      • 7. Modern Standing Law
      • 8. The Political Question Doctrine
    • Section II: The Legislative Power
      • 9. The Commerce Power: Theory and Practice, 1787–1865
      • 10. The Commerce Clause in Transition: 1865–1937
      • 11. The Commerce Clause: Transformation to Consolidation, 1937–1995
      • 12. Constitutional Pushback: 1995 to Present, from Lopez to NFIB
      • 13. Enumerated Powers: Taxing and Spending
      • 14. The Necessary and Proper Clause
      • 15. The Dormant Commerce Clause
    • Section III: The Executive Power
      • 16. Basic Principles and Domestic Powers
      • 17. Delegation and the Rise of Independent Agencies
      • 18. Foreign and Military Affairs
  • Part Three: Individual Rights
    • Section I: Property, Contract, and Liberty
      • 19. From Structural Protections to Individual Rights
      • 20. Procedural Due Process: Implementing the Classical Liberal Ideal
      • 21. Freedom of Contract
      • 22. Takings, Physical and Regulatory
      • 23. Personal Liberties and the Morals Head of the Police Power
    • Section II: Speech
      • 24. Freedom of Speech and Religion: Preliminary Considerations
      • 25. Force, Threats, and Inducements
      • 26. Fraud, Defamation, Emotional Distress, and Invasion of Privacy
      • 27. Government Regulation of the Speech Commons
      • 28. Progressive Regulation of Freedom of Speech: Labor, Communications, and Campaign Finance
    • Section III: Religion
      • 29. Free Exercise
      • 30. The Establishment Clause: Theoretical Foundations
      • 31. Regulation and Subsidy under the Establishment Clause
      • 32. The Commons
    • Section IV: Equal Protection
      • 33. Race and the Fourteenth Amendment
      • 34. Citizenship and the Fourteenth Amendment
      • 35. Equal Protection and Sex Discrimination
  • Part Four: Conclusion
      • Conclusion: The Classical Liberal Alternative
  • Notes
  • Index of Cases
  • General Index

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