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Rethinking Race

The Case for Deflationary Realism

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Publication Date: 06/12/2017


240 pages

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This study will be appreciated by those working in race theory, social theory, philosophical anthropology, cultural studies, and population studies.—M. W. Westmoreland, Choice

Rethinking Race is a valuable contribution to debates over race in philosophy. It defends a pluralism about the term ‘race’ and develops a detailed account of the minimalist concept of race. The discussion of various biological accounts of race synthesizes and explains a broad range of views, providing an insightful tour through the many options. A real virtue of the book is that it is ecumenical in the best sense: it is not dogmatically wedded to a strict constructionist or anti-constructionist position, but explores each view thoughtfully, identifying what is plausible and useful. Anyone working on the concept of race will benefit tremendously from reading Hardimon’s book.—Sally Haslanger, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Hardimon makes the case for a deflationary concept of race and the existence of minimalist races. His arguments are precise and compelling. Rethinking Race will be required reading for anyone interested in the metaphysical questions of race.—Jonathan Kaplan, Oregon State University

For two decades, Michael Hardimon has been thinking hard about concepts of race, articulating parts of a new and illuminating approach to the vexed questions that surround them. This book provides a systematic account of his views. In philosophical work on race, it is unrivaled in the breadth of its vision and in the depth of its probing analyses. Anyone concerned to think clearly about race should read it.—Philip Kitcher, Columbia University

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