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Publications of the Milman Parry Collection of Oral Literature 3

Old Norse Mythology—Comparative Perspectives

  • Series Foreword [David Elmer, Casey Dué, Gregory Nagy, and Stephen Mitchell]
  • Foreword [Joseph Harris]
  • Preface: Situating Old Norse Mythology in Comparative Contexts [Pernille Hermann, Stephen Mitchell, and Jens Peter Schjødt]
  • Acknowledgements
  • I. Theoretical and Conceptual Comparisons
    • Pre-Christian Religions of the North and the Need for Comparativism: Reflections on Why, How, and with What We Can Compare [Jens Peter Schjødt]
    • Methodological Challenges to the Study of Old Norse Myths: The Orality and Literacy Debate Reframed [Pernille Hermann]
    • Framing the Hero: Medium and Metalepsis in Old Norse Heroic Narrative [Kate Heslop]
    • The Æsir and Their Idols [Jonas Wellendorf]
  • II. Local and Neighboring Traditions
    • Blótgyðjur, Goðar, Mimi, Incest, and Wagons: Oral Memories of the Religion(s) of the Vanir [Terry Gunnell]
    • Volund Was Here: A Myth Archaeologically Anchored in Viking Age Scania [Torun Zachrisson]
    • The Temple, the Tree, and the Well: A Topos or Cosmic Symbolism at Cultic Sites in Pre-Christian Northern Europe? [Olof Sundqvist]
    • The Mythic Sun: An Areal Perspective [Thomas A. DuBois]
    • Comparing Balto-Finnic and Nordic Mythologies [John Lindow]
  • III. Global Traditions
    • Snorri and the Jews [Richard Cole]
    • Creation from Fire in Snorri’s Edda: The Tenets of a Vernacular Theory of Geothermal Activity in Old Norse Myth [Mathias Nordvig]
    • Óðinn, Charms, and Necromancy: Hávamál 157 in Its Nordic and European Contexts [Stephen A. Mitchell]
    • Vermin Gone Bad in Medieval Scandinavian, Persian, and Irish Traditions [Joseph Falaky Nagy]
    • Baldr and Iraj: Murdered and Avenged [Emily Lyle]
    • Ymir in India, China—and Beyond [Michael Witzel]
  • Index

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