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Law and Macroeconomics

Legal Remedies to Recessions

This book challenges the economic orthodoxy which has governed tax policy over the past four decades, and reclaims John Maynard Keynes’s fundamental insights for the twenty-first century. Listokin’s neo-Keynesianism can transform the tax code into a powerful force for both social justice and economic prosperity over the next generation.—Bruce Ackerman, author of We the People

For decades, microeconomics has dominated the field of law and economics. Yair Listokin’s book turns law’s attention to macroeconomics and, in doing so, identifies crucial but overlooked strategies for fighting the next recession. Few books have an impact on theory and practice, but Listokin’s Law and Macroeconomics promises to change our thinking in both arenas.—Heather K. Gerken, Yale Law School

Legal scholars have been trying to ignore macroeconomics for decades, but the problems of growth, deficits, money supply, and recession won’t let themselves be ignored. Fortunately, Yair Listokin’s fine book illuminates the path forward.—Eric A. Posner, University of Chicago Law School

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