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Moving toward Integration

The Past and Future of Fair Housing

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  • List of Tables and Figures
  • Note on Census Sources
  • Introduction
  • I. The Core of the American Dilemma
    • 1. Southern Black Urbanism and the Origins of Fair Housing, 1865–1917
    • 2. The Ghetto, 1918–1940
    • 3. Shelley v. Kraemer and the Rise of Blockbusting, 1940–1959
    • 4. Public Housing, Federal Urban Policies, and the Underclass, 1934–1962
    • 5. The Creation of Fair Housing Statutes, 1959–1968
  • II. The Impact of Fair Housing Law and the Critical Decade, 1970–1980
    • 6. Implementation of the Fair Housing Act, 1968–1975
    • 7. Black Pioneers in the 1970s and the Segregation Puzzle
    • 8. Tipping versus Integration: A Delicate Balance?
    • 9. To Leap a Moving Wall: The Inversion of the Dual Housing Market, 1970–1980
  • III. The Second Generation of Fair Housing, 1975–2000
    • 10. Exclusionary Zoning and Structural Segregation
    • 11. Fair Lending, Redlining, and Black Homeownership, 1970–2000
    • 12. The Ethnic Mosaic: Shifting from Two Races to Many
    • 13. The Expansion of Federal Fair Housing Law, 1980–1995
    • 14. The Slowing of Neighborhood Racial Transition, 1980–2010
    • 15. The Reformation of Assisted Housing Programs, 1968–2012
  • IV. The Twenty-First Century
    • 16. The Effects of Segregation
    • 17. The Effect of Diversity on Integration
    • 18. Gentrification and the Evolution of White Demand
    • 19. The Mortgage Crisis and the Great Recession
    • 20. Implications of Urban Integration and Segregation in the Twenty-First Century
  • V. Solutions
    • 21. A Portfolio of Integration Strategies
    • 22. Race to the Top
    • 23. The Politics of Integration
  • Appendix
  • Notes
  • Acknowledgments
  • Index

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