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Time and Its Adversaries in the Seleucid Empire

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  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • I. Imperial Present
    • 1. The Seleucid Era and Its Epoch
    • 2. A Government of Dating
    • 3. Dynastic Time
  • II. Indigenous Past and Future
    • 4. Total History 1: Rupture and Historiography
    • 5. Total History 2: Periodization and Apocalypse
    • 6. Altneuland: Resistance and the Resurrected State
  • Conclusion
  • Abbreviations
  • Notes
  • Bibliography
  • List of Maps, Illustrations, and Tables*
  • Index
  • * Maps, Illustrations, and Tables
    • Maps
      • Map 1. The geography and topography of the Seleucid empire
      • Map 2. Babylonia and western Iran
      • Map 3. Southern Levant
      • Map 4. Western Asia Minor
      • Map 5. Greater Armenia
    • Illustrations
      • Figure 1. The house of Seleucus (simplified)
      • Figure 2. Saros Tablet
      • Figure 3. Tax bulla from Seleucia-on-the-Tigris
      • Figure 4. Plan of the Dura-Europus archive complex
      • Figure 5. Excavated depot (Room A3) of the Dura-Europus archive
      • Figure 6. Seleucia-on-the-Tigris agora
      • Figure 7. Plan of Kedesh administrative building
      • Figure 8. Interred child, Kedesh archive
      • Figure 9. Stone sekōma, Maresha
      • Figure 10. Handle of a jar, Tel Aviv
      • Figure 11. Lead weight, Demetrias-by-the-Sea
      • Figure 12. Bronze coin of Alexander I Balas, Apamea-on-the-Axios
      • Figure 13. Heliodorus inscription, Maresha
      • Figure 14. Cut-up σε᾽ lead weight, Maresha
      • Figure 15. Tetradrachm of Diodotus Tryphon
      • Figure 16. Palace of Adad-nādin-aḥḥē, Girsu
      • Figure 17. Stamped brick of Adad-nādin-aḥḥē
      • Figure 18. Statue B of Gudea
      • Figure 19. Statue B of Gudea, detail with architectural plan
      • Figure 20. Coins of (a) Ardaxšīr I, (b) Vadfradad I, (c) Vahbarz, (d) Baydād, and (e) Seleucus I
      • Figure 21. Tomb of Darius I, Naqš-i Rustam
      • Figure 22. Throne bas-relief, Persepolis
      • Figure 23. Palace H, Persepolis, with reused staircase facade of Artaxerxes III
      • Figure 24. Reconstructed plan of Palace H, Persepolis
      • Figure 25. Plan of Artaxata citadel area, Armenia
      • Figure 26. Rebuilt Urartian wall, Artaxata
      • Figure 27. Boundary stone of Artaxias I
    • Tables
      • Table 1. Saros Tablet
      • Table 2. Year-date formulae at Babylon, from Alexander’s death to the Seleucid Era
      • Table 3. Comparison of the Seleucid Era (Babylonian) and Seleucid Era (Macedonian) dating of the death of Antiochus IV Epiphanes
      • Table 4. Greek alphabetic numbers
      • Table 5. The Dynastic Prophecy

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