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Harvard-Yenching Institute Monograph Series 107

Ancestors, Kings, and the Dao

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ISBN 9780674976955

Publication Date: 10/02/2017


  • Acknowledgments
  • Conventions
  • Introduction
  • I. Establishing the Zhou Tradition
    • 1. Memorial Feasts and the Rise of Eulogy to Zhou Kings
      • Memorial Feasts and Founder Sacrifices
      • Zhou Founder Kings: A Case of King Wen, the Ancestor, and King Wu, the Son
      • Creating the Nation
      • Divine Models
      • Ancestors and the Hunt
      • Summary
    • 2. Kings, Ancestors, and the Transmission of De
      • Transitions and Setting the Pattern
      • The Founder King as Earth Deity
      • Summary
    • 3. Songs of Heirs
      • Royal Inscriptions: The King as Heir
      • Regional Heirs Control the Sacred Narrative
      • Lengthy Bronze Narratives and the Role of the King
      • Summary
    • 4. Eulogy and the Rise of the Musical Performance
      • Training the Xiaozi
      • The Ancient Eulogy or Praise Song
      • Eulogy in Ritual Performance
      • Summary
  • II. The Zhou Way after the Zhou
    • 5. Transitions and Bronze Inscriptions
      • Archaic Rings
      • Western
      • Northern
      • Southern
      • Northeastern
      • Summary
    • 6. The New Old Zhou Way
      • Notes on the Transmission of Odes and a Song of King Wen
      • Summary
    • 7. From Ancestor Worship to Inner Cultivation
      • Notes on the Bamboo Text The Lute Dance of Zhou Gong
      • Musical Performance and Textual Production
      • Reexamining the Great Preface
      • Inner Feeling, Outer Decorum
      • The Odes as Dao: Cultivating the Intention
      • Summary
    • 8. Coming-of-Age Rituals
      • Performing the Capping Ritual
      • Ritual and Music as a Method for “Completion”
      • Coming-of-Age Narratives in the Eastern Zhou
      • Remnants of Promotion Narratives in Warring States Texts
      • Summary
  • Conclusion
  • Bibliography
  • Index

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