Cover: Good Government: Democracy beyond Elections, from Harvard University PressCover: Good Government in HARDCOVER

Good Government

Democracy beyond Elections

    • Introduction: From One Democracy to Another
  • I. Executive Power
    • 1. Consecration of the Law and Demotion of the Executive
    • 2. The Cult of Impersonality and Its Metamorphoses
    • 3. The Age of Rehabilitation
    • 4. Two Temptations
  • II. The Presidentialization of Democracies
    • 5. The Pioneering Experiments: 1848 and Weimar
    • 6. From Gaullist Exception to Standard Model
    • 7. Unavoidable and Unsatisfactory
    • 8. Limiting Illiberalism
  • III. A Democracy of Appropriation
    • 9. The Governed and Their Governors
    • 10. Legibility
    • 11. Responsibility
    • 12. Responsiveness
  • IV. A Democracy of Trust
    • 13. The Good Ruler in Historical Perspective
    • 14. Truthfulness
    • 15. Integrity
    • Conclusion: The Second Democratic Revolution
  • Notes
  • Index

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