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Fraud in the Lab

The High Stakes of Scientific Research

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ISBN 9780674979451

Publication Date: 08/13/2019

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224 pages

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This bracing critical analysis…skewers the ‘publish or perish’ lab culture driving scientific fraud… Shows the serious, real-life impacts of ‘data beautification,’ manipulated images, and plagiarism.Nature

Part exposé and part manifesto… No time should be lost confronting the kinds of misconduct outlined in Fraud in the Lab and reaffirming the ideals of scientific inquiry.Wall Street Journal

Fraud in the Lab has an analytic structure that builds a patient case.—Philip Kitcher, Los Angeles Review of Books

A disturbing account on fraud or, more broadly, on misconduct within the scientific community.—Marcel Herbst, European Legacy

Tackles the issue of scientific fraud head-on, with some tough love for the scientific community. The book should be read by everyone interested in the sciences.—Matthew Wills, JSTOR Daily

Sees journalist Nicolas Chevassus-au-Louis, a former lab researcher, investigate cases of deception in science, from made-up data and manipulated results to retouching and plagiarism.New Scientist

Chevassus-au-Louis charts some of the more egregious examples of recent scientific deceit: plagiarism, manipulated results, outright falsification. The problem, he argues, is that the intense pressure on scientists today—to ‘publish or perish’—is corrupting the culture of science and positively incentivizing misconduct and dishonesty.—Nick Spencer, The Tablet

A convincing, concise, and critical analysis of the growing cases of deviant science, from botched experiments to data embellishment and outright fabrication.—Yves Gingras, author of Bibliometrics and Research Evaluation: Uses and Abuses

Fraud in the Lab makes a convincing case that today’s scientific culture, emphasizing speed and quantity of publication, breeds fraud and secrecy, destroys lives, and cheats society. Chevassus-au-Louis advocates a responsibility to turn to slow science, emphasizing the quality of both thinking and evidence, as the path to better science for a better world.—Anne Tsui, Cofounder, Responsible Research in Business and Management

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