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Theory of the Lyric

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ISBN 9780674979703

Publication Date: 11/06/2017


416 pages

6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches

2 line illustrations


  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • I. An Inductive Approach
    • Nine Poems
    • Four Parameters
  • II. Lyric as Genre
    • Notions of Genre
    • Lyric History
    • Lyric Genre
  • III. Theories of the Lyric
    • Hegel
    • Imitation Speech Acts or Epideixis?
    • Performative and Performance
  • IV. Rhythm and Repetition
    • Meter
    • Rhythm
    • Sound and Repetition
  • V. Lyric Address
    • Address to Listeners or Readers
    • Addressing Other People
    • Apostrophe
  • VI. Lyric Structures
    • Mapping the Lyric
    • Lyric Hyperbole
    • Dramatic Monologue
    • Framing Past Events
    • The Lyric Present
  • VII. Lyric and Society
    • Engagement and Disengagement
    • Three Examples
    • Adorno’s Dialectic
    • Tangling with Ideology
  • Conclusion
  • Notes
  • Index

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