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Albert’s Anthology

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ISBN 9780674980549

Publication Date: 06/05/2017


250 pages

5-1/2 x 8-1/4 inches

5 color illustrations, 1 halftone

Harvard University Department of the Classics > Loeb Classical Monographs


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  • Illustrations
  • Preface
  • 1. Love’s Desire and Pain [Panagiotis A. Agapitos]
  • 2. Letter to Albert, Περι Πο′θου, or Sehnsucht nach Frühling [Margaret Alexiou]
  • 3. The Λεγο′μευα of the Dead and the ζρω′μευα of the Living [Emily Allen-Hornblower]
  • 4. Good and Evil [Timothy G. Barnes]
  • 5. Der kommende Gott [Joshua Billings]
  • 6. Pythagoras, Mathematics, Music, and Raphael [Graeme Bird]
  • 7. The Summons to Oedipus [Glen Bowersock]
  • 8. Roman Maenads [Jan N. Bremmer]
  • 9. Enough, No More! A Baffling Din in the Orphic Argonautica [Sarah Burges Watson]
  • 10. [Oppian]’s Ossicones [Rob Cioffi]
  • 11. Getting Away from It All [Kathleen M. Coleman]
  • 12. Cydippe’s Choral Cameo [Lauren Curtis]
  • 13. A Delphic Difficulty [Carolyn Dewald]
  • 14. Mourning Achilles and the Captive Woman’s Lament in Iliad 19 [Casey Dué]
  • 15. A Lament for Lost Athens [John Duffy]
  • 16. Powerful Vines [Susanne Ebbinghaus]
  • 17. Aeschylus’ Tragic Projections [David F. Elmer]
  • 18. The Afterlife of Acharnians’ Mysian Telephus [Jennifer Ferriss-Hill]
  • 19. Κωμα′ζειυ [Renaud Gagné]
  • 20. Atlas Rubbed [John Gibert]
  • 21. Τετρασκελη′ς μο′σχος: Das vierschenklige Kalb und die Gründung Thebens [Susanne Gödde]
  • 22. Lost and Found in the Reunion of Odysseus and Telemachus [Justina Gregory]
  • 23. Orestes Turns Snake—His Mother’s Child [Mark Griffith]
  • 24. Cult and Song in Euripides’ Hippolytus [Michael R. Halleran]
  • 25. Beating Slaves in Aristophanes and in a Lead Letter from the Athenian Agora [Edward M. Harris]
  • 26. Listening to the First Philippic: Demosthenes 4.5–9 [Judson Herrman]
  • 27. Musings on Rituals of Leadership [Sarah Hitch]
  • 28. Holy Sphinxes and the Cry of the Wolf [Alexander Hollmann]
  • 29. “A Kid I Fell into Milk” [Marianne Govers Hopman]
  • 30. A Striking Parallel? [Richard Hunter]
  • 31. Unlikely Companions at “Thyestean Banquets” [Andrew C. Johnston]
  • 32. Experience and Empathy [Christopher Jones]
  • 33. Longing for Alexandria [Alexander Kirichenko]
  • 34. An Encomium for Albert [Paul J. Kosmin]
  • 35. Deus ex machina [Mary Lefkowitz]
  • 36. The Refreshment of Bacchic Wine [William T. Loomis]
  • 37. Wrestling Down the Storm [Nino Luraghi]
  • 38. Glycera’s Goddess [Duncan Macrae]
  • 39. Desperados [Richard Martin]
  • 40. Hippolytus’ Anagnorisis [Donald Mastronarde]
  • 41. Being There [Gregory Mellen]
  • 42. An Attic Krater with Images of Dionysos in the Harvard Art Museums [David Gordon Mitten]
  • 43. Steuermann of Dionysus [Gregory Nagy]
  • 44. Tibullus on Poverty and Wealth [Fred S. Naiden]
  • 45. Fear, Envy, and the Decline of the Republic [Martha Nussbaum]
  • 46. A New Fragment of Sappho’s “Kypris Poem” [Dirk Obbink]
  • 47. “Gods are Difficult for Mortals to See” [Peter A. O’Connell]
  • 48. Awake: Sappho, fr. 168B Voigt [Corinne Pache]
  • 49. “For You” [Peter Parsons]
  • 50. Eroticizing Greek Tragedy: Heracles as Maddened Bull in Apollonius’ Argonautica [Sergios Paschalis]
  • 51. A Meditation on an Early Classical Dionysos [Kimberley C. Patton]
  • 52. What Counts as a Wife? [Hayden Pelliccia]
  • 53. Blessed Is He…Who Are You [Fred Porta]
  • 54. Καλλι′χορα [Timothy Power]
  • 55. Πηυε′λεως, Iliad 2.494+ [Jeremy Rau]
  • 56. Homeric Verses and the Prevention of Plague? A New Inscription from Roman Termessos and its Religious Context [Gil H. Renberg]
  • 57. The Topos of Desire: A Note on C. P. Cavafy’s “Ithaca” [Panagiotis Roilos]
  • 58. Critias [?], Sisyphus 40–41 [Ralph M. Rosen]
  • 59. An Experiment by Menander: Dyskolos 276–279 [Jeffrey S. Rusten]
  • 60. Vinous Isis [Ian Rutherford]
  • 61. Balderdash [Richard Rutherford]
  • 62. Nature at Rest [Ryan B. Samuels]
  • 63. Lucretius Platonicus [Mark J. Schiefsky]
  • 64. Gastfreundlichkeit und Euphemismus [Emrys Schlatter]
  • 65. Thyones Sohn [Renate Schlesier]
  • 66. Theocritus’ Pear [Ruth Scodel]
  • 67. Dionysiac Fire [Scott Scullion]
  • 68. Ein Wunder an brevitas poetica: Aischylos, Agamemnon 192–198 [Bernd Seidensticker]
  • 69. A Mirror of the Self [Charles M. Stang]
  • 70. Felices ter [Richard Tarrant]
  • 71. Vir bonus et sapiens [Richard F. Thomas]
  • 72. Sesoosis the Guide [Yvona Trnka-Amrhein]
  • 73. Sophokles’ Democratic Tyrants: Electra l [Robert W. Wallace]
  • 74. The Old Men’s Dance in Euripides’ Heracles [Naomi Weiss]
  • 75. Antiope F 186 in the Gorgias [Harvey Yunis]
  • 76. The Joy of Juggling, Words or Otherwise [Jan M. Ziolkowski]
  • Index locorum

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