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The Origins of You

How Childhood Shapes Later Life

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  • Preface
  • I. Introduction
    • 1. Lives through Time
  • II. The Child as the Father of the Man
    • 2. Moving Against the World, Moving Away from the World
    • 3. To Be or Not to Be Self-Controlled
    • 4. ADHD in Childhood and Adulthood
  • III. The Family
    • 5. Why Parents Parent the Way They Do
    • 6. Troubled Families and Bad Boys
    • 7. Early-Maturing Girls, Troubled Families, and Bad Boys
  • IV. Beyond the Family
    • 8. Good News and Bad News about Day Care
    • 9. What about Neighborhoods?
    • 10. Bullying
    • 11. Early and Persistent Cannabis Use
  • V. Genetics
    • 12. Is Smoking in Our Genes?
    • 13. Genetics of Life Success?
    • 14. Child Maltreatment, Genotype, and Violent Male Behavior
    • 15. Life Stress, Genotype, and Depression in Young Adulthood
    • 16. Epigenetics, or Genes as Dependent Variables
  • VI. Aging in Midlife
    • 17. Childhood Adversity and Physical Health in Midlife
    • 18. Biological Embedding of Childhood Adversity
    • 19. Aging Fast, Aging Slow
  • VII. Conclusion
    • 20. Miles to Go Before We Sleep
  • Bibliography
  • Index

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