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Ilex Series 19

The Study of al-Andalus

The Scholarship and Legacy of James T. Monroe

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Publication Date: 07/01/2018


268 pages

6 x 9 inches

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  • The Study of al-Andalus: The Scholarship and Legacy of James T. Monroe [Michelle M. Hamilton and David A. Wacks]
  • Revisiting Islam and the Arabs in Spanish Scholarship, by James T. Monroe [Manuela Marín]
  • From Ṣawt to Muwashshaḥ: A Musical Revolution [Dwight Reynolds]
  • Some Andalusī Muwashshaḥāt and Their Eastern Imitations [Teresa Garulo]
  • Monroe’s Methodology in Analyzing Andalusī Meters and Its Relevance to a Comparative Analysis of a Classical Persian Meter, the mutaqārib [Olga M. Davidson]
  • Seville, Where Miḥrābs Weep and Pulpits Lament: Al-Rundī’s Elegy in the Classical Poetic Tradition [Raymond K. Farrin]
  • Astrology, Jinn, and Magical Healing in al-Saraqusṭī’s Forty-sixth maqāma [Michelle M. Hamilton]
  • “The Threefold Cord”: On Hebrew and Arabic in the Work and Identity of Judah al-Ḥarīzī [Shamma Boyarin]
  • Drama and Multiculturalism in Crisis: Ibn Dāniyāl’s Shadow Play [Samuel England]
  • Heraclius in al-Andalus [Maribel Fierro]
  • “Ziyād ibn ʿAmīr al-Kinānī”: Andalusī Muslim Crusade Literature [David A. Wacks]
  • The Expulsion of the Andalusīs in Arab Memory, 1609/1614–2014 [Nabil Matar]
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