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Ilex Series 21

Cyrus the Great

Life and Lore

Edited by M. Rahim Shayegan

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ISBN 9780674987388

Publication Date: 04/02/2019


264 pages

6 x 9 inches

20 halftones

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  • Preface (Acknowledgments)
  • Introduction [M. Rahim Shayegan]
  • The Text of the Cyrus Cylinder [Hanspeter Schaudig]
  • Cyrus Rising: Reflections on Word Choice, Ancient and Modern [Matt Waters]
  • Cyrus, Anshan, and Assyria [David Stronach]
  • The Magnanimous Heart of Cyrus: The Cyrus Cylinder and Its Literary Models [Hanspeter Schaudig]
  • “Ich bin ein Babylonier”: The Political-Religious Message of the Cyrus Cylinder [Beate Pongratz-Leisten]
  • Cyrus and Post-Collapse Yehud [William Schniedewind]
  • Contrasting Portrayals of the Achaemenid Monarchy in Isaiah and Zecharia [Marvin A. Sweeney]
  • Cyrus and Pasargadae: Forging an Empire—Fashioning “Paradise” [Rémy Boucharlat]
  • Cyrus the Great and Ancient Propaganda [Daniel Beckman]
  • Cyrus the Great: A Hero’s Tale [Maria Brosius]
  • Cyrus the Great and Roman Views of Ancient Iran [Jason M. Schlude]
  • The Shaping of Political Memory: Cyrus and the Achaemenids in the Royal Ideologies of the Seleucid and Parthian Periods [Marek Jan Olbrycht]
  • On Forgetting Cyrus and Remembering the Achaemenids in Late Antique Iran [Touraj Daryaee]
  • Traces of Poetic Traditions about Cyrus the Great and His Dynasty in the Šāhnāme of Ferdowsi and the Cyrus Cylinder [Olga M. Davidson]
  • Index

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