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Life in the Cosmos

From Biosignatures to Technosignatures

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$77.00 • £66.95 • €70.95

ISBN 9780674987579

Publication Date: 06/29/2021


1088 pages

6-3/8 x 9-1/4 inches

2 photos, 78 illus., 9 tables


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The search for intelligent alien life continues to motivate and inspire generations of scientists and the public alike… The authors separate themselves from other treatments of similar topics by focusing on ‘extraterrestrial technological intelligences’ rather than alien life more generally.Nature Astronomy

Boldly goes where few academic books have gone before by seriously and open-mindedly considering the possibility of extraterrestrial technological intelligence on par with or far beyond humans… Chock-full of interesting topics and insights… A stellar achievement that deserves the undivided attention of readers who are ready to take a deep dive into astrobiology.Inquisitive Biologist

An excellent primer on life on earth, from the very beginnings… Both incredibly wide-ranging and constantly fascinating.Complete Review

The new go-to for astrobiology. Life in the Cosmos is a quantitative and encyclopedic tour de force for all topics related to the origin of life on Earth and life’s existence beyond.—Sara Seager, author of The Smallest Lights in the Universe

An instant classic. Lingam and Loeb’s brilliant Life in the Cosmos is a momentous scientific achievement. To anyone looking to dig deep into the exciting prospect of discovering extraterrestrial life, I say: Make space on your bookshelf.—Michael J. Russell, University of Turin

A book of sweeping vision. Lingam and Loeb offer detailed and insightful analysis of the challenges we face as we investigate the universal distribution of this unusual material we call life. A helpful and fascinating read.—Charles Cockell, author of Astrobiology: Understanding Life in the Universe

Are we alone in the universe? Lingam and Loeb provide expert guidance to the many dimensions of this fundamental question—and, just maybe, how to answer it.—Andrew H. Knoll, author of A Brief History of Earth: Four Billion Years in Eight Chapters

A remarkable and modern survey of how to search for life in the universe, from two of the boldest, most innovative thinkers in the field today. Impressively detailed, this book takes into account what we know about life on Earth to consider what we don’t know about life elsewhere.—Jason Wright, Director, Penn State Extraterrestrial Intelligence Center

This book discusses everything you ever wanted to know about life in the cosmos. Lingam and Loeb are the best guides for this truly breathtaking journey, providing masterful and comprehensive answers for everyone, from the scholar to the amateur stargazer.—Dimitar Sasselov, author of The Life of Super-Earths: How the Hunt for Alien Worlds and Artificial Cells Will Revolutionize Life on Our Planet

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