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An Appeal to the Ladies of Hyderabad

Scandal in the Raj

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Publication Date: 07/08/2019


368 pages

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Cohen gives us a detailed description of the trial from both sides, and the story is both riveting and sad… [He] brings the people to life as they lie, connive, exaggerate and, occasionally, try to tell the truth… This isn’t just a salacious sex story, but a revelation of a society plagued by moral ambiguity and political chicanery.—John Butler, Asian Review of Books

A charming, captivating book. Cohen has a marvelous feel for the doomed couple at the heart of a now-forgotten scandal. The princely state of Hyderabad comes vividly to life within the world of British India.—Prince Azmet Jah of Hyderabad

In this elegantly written book, Cohen shows how a sexual scandal of a relationship between an English woman and a Muslim man in colonial India reveals a surprising story, of many twists and turns, about social mobility, racial uncertainty, and gendered respectability.—Durba Ghosh, author of Sex and the Family in Colonial India

The time has truly arrived for the Hyderabad pamphlet scandal to be told, not only for readers interested in South Asian history, but also for those interested in the history of race, gender, and colonialism more broadly. Cohen has a gift for cultivating a strong sense of place, often with evocative and perceptive descriptions of a room, a photograph, or a cluster of political actors.—Chandra Mallampalli, author of Race, Religion, and Law in Colonial India

An engaging narrative of the infamous pamphlet scandal and its revelations about social, cultural, sexual, and political life in the British Raj and princely India. Cohen offers a thoughtful and persuasive analysis on key issues of race, religion, gender, and colonialism.—Michael Fisher, author of An Environmental History of India

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