Cover: Proceedings of the Harvard Celtic Colloquium, 37: 2017, from Harvard University PressCover: Proceedings of the Harvard Celtic Colloquium, 37: 2017 in HARDCOVER

Proceedings of the Harvard Celtic Colloquium, 37: 2017

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Publication Date: 06/04/2019


308 pages

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2 halftones, 2 line illustrations, 2 maps, 4 tables

Proceedings of the Harvard Celtic Colloquium


Related Subjects

  • Preface
  • “Mistakes of All Kinds”: The Glossography of Medieval Irish Literary Texts [Paul Russell] [2017 J. V. Kelleher Lecture]
  • Different Types of Language Contact in the Early Medieval Celtic Glosses [Bernhard Bauer]
  • Lifris, Caradog, and Llancarfan in the Early Twelfth Century [Jennifer Bell]
  • From King to Warrior in Mesca Ulad [Matthieu Boyd]
  • Post–Mac-Talla Gaelic Periodicals in Nova Scotia: An Assessment [Robert Dunbar]
  • Heaven and Hell in the Garden of Eden: Typological Imagery and the Transmission of the Welsh Ystoria Adda [Stephen C. E. Hopkins]
  • What Is Celtic in Breton Culture? The Case of the Flooded City of Ys [Erwan Hupel]
  • Llywarch Hen as Poet: Evidence from Harvard MS Welsh 8 [Michaela Jacques]
  • The Equatives of Insular Celtic [Lukas Kahl]
  • The Anonymous Life of Cuthbert: A “Celtic” Account of an Anglo-Saxon Saint? [Elizabeth M. G. Krajewski]
  • Singing in Chains: Prison, Porter, and Transgressive Narration in Medieval Welsh Tales of the Past [Sam Lasman]
  • Sloiged már rucsat Gréic co Hebríb fechtas n-aile: A Middle Irish Retelling of a Greek Battle [Patrick McCoy]
  • The Acts of Union 1536–43—Not Quite the End of the Road for Welsh Law? [Gwilym Owen and Dermot Cahill]
  • Seeing the Silva through the Silva: The Religious Economy of Timber Communities in Aquitania and Gallia Narbonensis [David Wallace-Hare]
  • Edward Thomas and Welsh Culture [Andrew Webb]
  • Abstracts of Other Papers Read at the Thirty-seventh Harvard Celtic Colloquium

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