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Historical Miscellany


Translated by N. G. Wilson

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ISBN 9780674995352

Publication Date: 07/15/1997


528 pages

4-1/4 x 6-3/8 inches


Loeb Classical Library


Aelian’s Historical Miscellany (Varia Historia) is mainly a potpourri of historical, literary, and other information concerning the Greek past…which apparently entertained educated readers [of the 3rd century] as well as provided them with exempla. Wilson gives us a smooth and very readable translation, syntactically reflecting Aelian’s ‘studied simplicity.’—Robert J. Penella, Religious Studies Review

Classicists no longer have an excuse not to check a citation in Aelian, and a general reader who wants to find out what a bedside book from antiquity might have looked like has the means ready to hand… Aelian’s Greek can be quite tricky and with his translation Wilson puts us further in his debt: besides being clear and accurate it is often sprightly and even eloquent.—A.J. Podlecki, Scholia

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