Cover: Jewish Antiquities, Volume V: Books 12-13, from Harvard University PressCover: Jewish Antiquities, Volume V in HARDCOVER

Josephus Volume IX
Loeb Classical Library 365

Jewish Antiquities, Volume V

Books 12-13


Translated by Ralph Marcus

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ISBN 9780674995772

Publication Date: 01/01/1943


528 pages

4-1/4 x 6-3/8 inches

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Loeb Classical Library > Josephus > Jewish Antiquities


  • The Jewish Antiquities
    • Book XII
    • Book XIII
  • Appendices
    • A. Ancient Table of Contents
    • B. Date of the High Priest Simon the Just
    • C. Early Seleucid Rulers and the Jews
    • D. Antiochus III and the Jews
    • E. Literature on The Oniads and Tobiads and Palestine under Ptolemaic Rule
    • F. Literature on Spartans and Jews
    • G. Literature on the Background of the Maccabaean Revolt
    • H. Literature on the Seleucid Era and the Chronology of the Hasmonaean Period
    • I. Literature on Antiochus Epiphanes and the Samaritans
    • J. Literature on Hellenistic and Roman Decrees
    • K. Literature on the Hasmonaeans in Rabbinic Tradition
    • L. Literature on the Status of Judaea
    • M. Literature on Hasmonaean Coinage Abbreviations

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