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Euripides Volume VIII
Loeb Classical Library 506


Oedipus-Chrysippus. Other Fragments


Edited and translated by Christopher Collard

Martin Cropp

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$28.00 • £19.95 • €25.00

ISBN 9780674996311

Publication Date: 01/31/2009


736 pages

4-1/4 x 6-3/8 inches


Loeb Classical Library > Euripides


  • Preface
  • Chronology
  • Abbreviations
  • Oedipus
  • Oeneus
  • Oenomaus
  • Palamedes
  • Peliades (‘Daughters of Pelias’)
  • Peleus
  • Pleisthenes
  • Polyidus
  • Protesilaus
  • Rhesus
  • Stheneboea
  • Sisyphus
  • Sciron
  • Scyrians
  • Syleus
  • Telephus
  • Temenidae (‘Sons of Temenus’) and Temenus
    • Temenidae or Temenus
    • Temenidae
    • Temenus
  • Hypsipyle
  • Phaethon
  • Philoctetes
  • Phoenix
  • Phrixus A and B
    • Phrixus A
    • Phrixus B
    • Phrixus A or B
  • Chrysippus
  • Fragments of Unidentified Plays
  • Doubtful or Spurious Fragments
  • Appendix: Critias or Euripides?
    • Pirithous
    • Rhadamanthys
    • Tennes
    • Sisyphus (?)
  • Index of Names and Places
  • Index of Narrative and Dramatic Features
  • Index of Topics

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