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Loeb Classical Library 233

History of Rome, Volume V

Books 21–22


Edited and translated by J. C. Yardley

Introduction by Dexter Hoyos

John Briscoe

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Publication Date: 12/03/2019


496 pages

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  • Preface [J. C. Yardley]
  • Introduction [Dexter Hoyos and John Briscoe]
    • 1. Background
    • 2. Livy’s Sources
      • a. Polybius
      • b. Other Early Sources
      • c. Second-Century BC Sources
      • d. First-Century Sources
    • 3. AUC 21–30: Historical Methods
      • a. Layout of Books
      • b. Sifting Sources and Marshaling Events
      • c. Inconsistencies and Contradictions
      • d. Color and Emotion
      • e. Speeches in the Third Decade
      • f. Character Depiction
      • g. Religion and Ritual
    • 4. The Second Punic War: An Outline
      • a. Background
      • b. Hannibal in Italy
      • c. Spain
      • d. Sicily, Cisalpine Gaul, Macedon, Libya
      • e. Overview
    • 5. Chronology
    • 6. Manuscripts of the Third Decade
      • a. The Tradition of the Puteanus
      • b. The Spirensian Tradition
      • c. The End of Book 30
    • 7. Sigla
  • Abbreviations
  • Select Bibliography
  • History of Rome
    • Book XXI
      • Text and Translation
      • Summary
    • Book XXII
      • Text and Translation
      • Summary
  • Index

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