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The Major Declamations, Volume I

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ISBN 9780674997400

Publication Date: 12/01/2021


416 pages

4-1/4 x 6-3/8 inches

Loeb Classical Library > The Major Declamations


  • Preface [Antonio Stramaglia, Michael Winterbottom, and Biagio Santorelli, April 2021]
  • General Introduction
    • 1. Declamation and Greco-Roman Education
    • 2. Themes, Characters, and Laws in the Major Declamations
    • 3. Composing a Controversia
    • 4. Authorship and Dating
    • 5. The Formation of the Collection
    • 6. The Manuscript Tradition
    • 7. Beyond the Middle Ages: The Major Declamations in the Age of the Printed Book
    • 8. The Present Edition
  • Abbreviations
  • General Bibliography
  • Sigla
  • Declamations
    • 1. The Handprints on the Wall
      • Introduction
      • Text and Translation
    • 2. The Blind Man on the Threshold
      • Introduction
      • Text and Translation
    • 3. Marius’ Soldier
      • Introduction
      • Text and Translation
    • 4. The Astrologer
      • Introduction
      • Text and Translation
    • 5. Sick Son Ransomed
      • Introduction
      • Text and Translation

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