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Papers of the Peabody Museum 78

Tunica Archaeology

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Publication Date: 06/28/1989


472 pages

216 illustrations that include maps, tables, and halftones

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  • Foreword
  • Acknowledgments
  • Introduction
    • Theoretical Background
    • Culture Contact and Change
    • Ethnohistoric Archaeology
    • Procedure
  • I. Historical Background
    • Historiographic Overview
      • The Texts
      • Maps and Pictures
    • Periods of Tunica History
      • Period I. Upper Sunflower
      • Period II. Lower Yazoo
      • Period III. Portage de la Croix
      • Period IV. Tunica Bayou
      • Period V. Pointe Coupée
      • Period VI. Marksville
    • Summary
  • II. Archaeological Investigations
    • Background
      • History of the Archaeology
      • Late Prehistoric Culture History
      • Archaeological Continuity and the Direct Historical Approach
    • Marksville
      • Pierite
    • Tunica Bayou
      • Trudeau
    • Portage de la Croix
      • Angola Farm
      • Bloodhound
    • Lower Yazoo
      • Haynes Bluff
      • Portland
      • Burroughs
      • Russell
    • Upper Sunflower
      • Quizquiz
    • Summary
  • III. Ethnohistorical Reconstruction
    • Change and Continuity in Tunica Lifeways
      • Upper Sunflower
      • Lower Yazoo
      • Portage de la Croix
      • Tunica Bayou
      • Pointe Coupée
      • Marksville
      • Summary
    • A Dynamic Perspective of Tunica Change
      • Demography
      • Language
      • Religion, Ideology, and Ceremony
      • Social Structure
      • Political Organization and Succession
      • Settlement Patterns, Site Plans, and Architecture
      • Subsistence and Economy
      • Artifacts and Technology
      • Summary
    • A Consideration of the Processes of Tunica Continuity
  • Concluding Remarks
  • Appendices: Artifact Classification and Description
    • Appendix A. Aboriginal Pottery
      • Types and Varieties
      • Sets
      • Miscellaneous Artifacts
    • Appendix B. Stone Artifacts
    • Appendix C. Bone and Shell Artifacts
    • Appendix D. European Ceramics
    • Appendix E. Class Artifacts
    • Appendix F. Metal Artifacts
      • Iron
      • Lead
      • Silver
      • Copper and Copper Alloys
    • Appendix G. Guns and Munitions
      • Miscellaneous Gun Parts and Munitions
      • Guns and Munitions from Burials [by T. M. Hamilton]
    • Appendix H. Archaeozoology of a Trudeau Trash Pit [by Arthur Spiess]
  • Bibliography
  • Color Plate: Infrared aerial photograph of the Trudeau site

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