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Gifts of the Great River

Arkansas Effigy Pottery from the Edwin Curtiss Collection

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$25.00 • £20.95 • €22.50

ISBN 9780873654012

Publication Date: 01/22/2004


120 pages

45 color, 10 halftones

Peabody Museum Press > Peabody Museum Collections Series

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John House, an archaeologist with the Arkansas Archaeological Survey and noted Mississippi scholar, has produced this splendid little book that describes the Curtiss expedition and the collections it produced. It is richly illustrated with 45 color photos of Curtiss’s pottery collection, some of his sketch maps, and photos of the sites. Sadly, many of the sites in the region have been destroyed by modern agriculture and looting, but Gifts of the Great River preserves the story of the first expedition to one of America’s richest archaeological districts.American Archaeology

House selected works for twenty-five color plates and produced clear, informative paragraphs to accompany each photograph. The photographs themselves are spectacularly good… It is a stunning presentation, making the volume at one level an excellent coffee-table book… But it is much more than that, of course, as the excellent introduction demonstrates. In forty-one pages, House takes the reader through an introduction to the Parkin Phase, the basics of what is known or inferred about the cultural life of those prehistoric people, and a tour of the sites as they were dug by Edwin Curtiss, with many glimpses into the life of an 1880 archaeologist in the Arkansas delta.—George E. Lankford, Arkansas Historical Quarterly

This fascinating volume introduces readers to the little-known fieldwork of Edwin Curtiss and provides a fresh view of the exciting prehistoric ceramic art of northeastern Arkansas.—Stephen Williams, Peabody Professor of North American Archaeology, Emeritus, Harvard University

The Peabody Museum is to be congratulated for its new Collections Series, which makes available to the general public and anthropologists alike some of its vast archaeological and ethnological collections from around the world.—Hester Davis, Arkansas State Archaeologist Emerita

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