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Where the Roads All End

Photography and Anthropology in the Kalahari

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$39.95 • £31.95 • €36.00

ISBN 9780873654098

Publication Date: 05/29/2017


302 pages

7-1/2 x 10 inches

119 color illustrations, 118 halftones, 2 maps

Peabody Museum Press


  • List of Illustrations
  • Foreword: Families in the Field [Paul Theroux]
  • A Note on Terminology and Spelling
  • Introduction: Where the Roads All End
    • The Quest
    • The Photographs
  • 1. From Cambridge to the Kalahari
    • Laurence Marshall
    • Lorna Marshall
    • The Kalahari
    • The Lost City of the Kalahari
    • The First Expedition: 1950
  • 2. Bushman Mythology and Bushman Anthropology
    • The Search for Bushmen
    • Sara Baartman, the “Hottentot Venus, and the Bushman Body”
    • Bushman Photography
    • The Marshalls and Anthropology
    • John Kennedy Marshall
    • Elizabeth Marshall
  • 3. The Early Expeditions, 1951–1953
    • The Ju/’hoansi
    • The Third Expedition, 1952–53
  • 4. Expedition Photographers
    • The Polaroid Land Camera
    • The Photographers
    • Merl La Voy
    • Anneliese Fuss-Hippel Scherz
    • Daniel Blitz
    • Robert Gesteland
    • Robert Gardner
    • Photographic Technology and Logistics
    • The Stereo Realist Camera
    • Comparative Research and Comparing Photographers
  • 5. The Middle Expeditions, 1955 and 1956
    • The Fourth Expedition, 1955
    • The Fifth Expedition, 1956
    • Publishing
  • 6. Iconic Bushmen
  • 7. The Later Expeditions, 1957–1961
    • The Sixth Expedition, 1957–1958
    • Cinéma Vérité
    • The Seventh Expedition, 1959
    • The Eighth Expedition, 1961
  • 8. Changes in the Kalahari
    • 1952–1953 Expedition
    • 1957–1958 Expedition
    • 1961 Expedition
  • 9. Photographic Legacies
    • After the Expeditions
    • A Kalahari Family: Anatomy of a Scene
    • “Death by Myth”
    • Visual Anthropology
    • Photographic Future
    • Bushman Nostalgia
  • Acknowledgments
  • Appendix A: Expedition Members
  • Appendix B: Photo Gallery of Expedition Members
  • Notes
  • References
  • Picture Credits
  • Index

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