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Peabody Museum Bulletins 6

Seasonality and Sedentism

Archaeological Perspectives from Old and New World Sites

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Publication Date: 04/28/1998


236 pages

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30 tables, 9 halftone, 39 line illustration, 19 maps

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Related Subjects

  • 1. Introduction [Ofer Bar-Yosef and Thomas R. Rocek]
  • 2. Foraging and Sedentism [Robert L. Kelly]
  • 3. The Mobile Faunas: Reliable Seasonal Indicators for Archaeozoologist [Arturo Morales Muniz]
  • 4. Seasonality of Resource Use and Site Occupation at Badanj, Bosnia Herzegovina: Subsistence Stress in an Increasingly Seasonal Environment? [Preston T. Miracle and Christopher J. O’Brien]
  • 5. Natufian “Sedentism” and the Importance of Biological Data for Estimating Reduced Mobility [Daniel E. Lieberman]
  • 6. Natufian Seasonality: A Guess [François R. Valla]
  • 7. Scheduling and Sedentism in the Prehistory of Northern Japan [Gary W. Crawford and Peter Bleed]
  • 8. Archaeological Indicators of Seasonality: Examples from Arid Southerwestern United States [Karen R. Adams and Vorsila L. Bohrer]
  • 9. Measuring Sedentism with Fauna: Archaic Cultures Along the Southwest Florida Coast [Michael Russo]
  • 10. Seasonality in the Tropical Lowlands of Northwestern South America: The Case of San Jacinto 1, Columbia [Augusto Oyuela-Caycedo]
  • 11. Measures of Mobility and Occupational Intensity in Highland Peru [Katherine M. Moore]
  • 12. Pithouses and Pueblos on Two Continents: Interpretations of Sedentism and Mobility in the Southwestern United States and Southwest Asia [Thomas R. Rocek]
  • 13. Remarks on Seasonality and Sedentism: Archaeological Perspectives from Old and New World Sites [James L. Phillips]

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