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The Geography of Neandertals and Modern Humans in Europe and the Greater Mediterranean

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208 pages

27 maps, 16 tables, 410 halftones

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  • I. Introduction [Ofer Bar-Yosef and David Pilbeam]
  • II. A Geographic Perspective on the Middle to Upper Paleolithic Transition in the Iberian Peninsula [Eduald Carbonell, Manuel Vaquero, Julià Maroto, José M. Rando, and Carolina Mallol]
    • Introduction
    • Relief of Iberian Peninsula
    • Climate and Vegetation of the Iberian Peninsula
    • Present Climate and Vegetation
    • Climatic Changes during OIS 5-3
    • Regional Distribution of the Sites
    • Northern Zone
    • Eastern Zone
    • Southern Zone
    • Western Zone
    • Central Zone
    • Conclusions
    • Historical Factors
    • Geological and Geomorphological Factors
  • III. The Archaeological Records of the Neandertal-Modern Human Transition in France [Paul Mellars]
    • Introduction
    • Archaeological Context
    • Conclusions
  • IV. The Late Middle and Early Upper Paleolithic in Italy [Steven L. Kuhn and Amilcare Bietti]
    • Introduction
    • Background
    • Late Mousi-Erian
    • Uluzzian
    • Aurignacian
    • Synthesis and Discussion
    • Conclusions
  • V. The Problem of Cultural Continuity between the Middle and Upper Paleolithic in Central and Eastern Europe [Janusz K. Kozlowski]
    • Introduction
    • Evolutionary Trends in Technology Based on Levallois Cores
    • Technological Evolution Based on Bifacial Tool Shaping
    • Szeletian
    • Bryndzeniart
    • Streletskian
    • Evolution Based on Blades Used as Blanks For Leaf Points
    • Evolutionary Trends Based on Blade Technology and Backed Tools
    • Discussion
    • Conclusions
  • VI. The Middle and Early Upper Paleolithic in Southwest Asia and Neighboring Regions [Ofer Bar-Yosef]
    • Introduction
    • The Paleoclimatic Conditions
    • The Chronology of the Levantine Entities
    • The Hominids
    • The Study of Lithic Industries
    • The Late Levantine Middle Paleolithic
    • The Definition of Lithic Industries
    • Mortuary Practices
    • Subsistence
    • Settlement Patterns
    • Early Upper Paleolithic Entities in the Levant
    • The Dating of the Levantine Early Upper Paleolithic
    • The Ahmarian Other Archaeological Aspects of the Levantine
    • Early Upper Paleolithic
    • The Levantine Aurignacian
    • The Middle and Upper Paleolithic of the Taurus-Zagros Region
    • The Middle and Upper Paleolithic in Northeast Africa
    • Discussion
  • VII. Modern–Nonmodern Hominid Interactions: A Mediterranean Perspective [Jean-Jacques Hublin]
    • Introduction
    • Geographical Presentation
    • North Africa
    • Southwestern Asia
    • Europe
    • Discussion and Conclusions
    • Notes
    • Bibliography
  • VIII. Afterword [David Pilbeam and Ofer Bar-Yosef]
  • Bibliography
  • Appendix

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