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Law and Society in Byzantium

Ninth-Twelfth Centuries

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Publication Date: 12/17/1994


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  • Preface
  • 1. Legislation as Both a World Order and a Legal Order [Dieter Simon]
  • 2. Lawful Society and Legitimate Power: Έvvoμoϛ πoλιτεία, έvvoμoϛ άρχή [Gilbert Dagron]
  • 3. Legislation in Byzantium: A Political and a Bureaucratic Technique [Marie Theres Fögen]
  • 4. The Significance of Law and Legislation in the Law Books of the Ninth to Eleventh Centuries [J. H. A. Lokin]
  • 5. Justice and Finance in the Byzantine State, Ninth to Twelfth Centuries [Paul Magdalino]
  • 6. The Competent Court [R. J. Macrides]
  • 7. The Ubiquity of Canon Law [Ioannis M. Konidaris]
  • 8. Law, Justice, and the Byzantine Historians: Ninth to Twelfth Centuries [Angeliki B. Laiou]
  • 9. A Rhetorician Practices Law: Michael Psellos [George T. Dennis]
  • 10. Some Observations on the Byzantine Concept of Law: Three Authors of the Ninth through the Twelfth Centuries [Alexander Kazhdan]
  • 11. From the Evil Eye to the Eye of Justice: The Saints, Art, and Justice in Byzantium [Henry Maguire]
  • 12. Irregular Marriages in the Eleventh Century and the Zoe and Constantine Mosaic in Hagia Sophia [Ioli Kalavrezou]
  • List of Abbreviations
  • Index

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