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Dumbarton Oaks Studies 34

Codex Parisinus Graecus 1115 and Its Archetype

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  • Preface
  • List of Abbreviations
  • List of Manuscripts Cited
  • List of Illustrations
  • I. The Use of Florilegia in Church Councils
    • 1. Introduction
    • 2. The Florilegia of the Council of Ephesus (431)
    • 3. The Florilegium of the Council of Chalcedon (451)
    • 4. The Florilegia of the Council of Constantinople 11(553)
    • 5. The Lateran Council of 649
    • 6. The Florilegia of the Council of Constantinople III (680/81)
    • 7. The Iconoclastic Florilegia of the Synods of Hiereia (754) and St. Sophia (815)
    • 8. The Florilegia of the Roman Synods of 731 and 769
    • 9. Conclusions
  • II. Codex Parisinus Graecus 1115
    • 1. Introduction
    • 2. Bibliographic Survey
    • 3. The Additional Part of Codex P and the Epistles Related to the Council of Ephesus
    • 4. The Collectio Epistularum from the Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Ecumenical Councils
      • Fourth Ecumenical Council
      • Fifth Ecumenical Council
      • Sixth Ecumenical Council
    • 5. Dogmatic Texts in the Form of Ερωταποκρíσεiς: Hodegos (parts I and II), Testimonia e Scriptura, and De Dogmatum Solutione
    • 6. The Parts from the Doctrina Patrum
    • 7. The Florilegium on the Procession of the Holy Spirit
    • 8. The Collection of Miscellanea
      • Historica et Canonica
      • Canonica et Dogmatica
  • III. The Iconophile Florilegiuin of Parisinus Graecus 1115
    • 1. Introduction
    • 2. The Adversus Iconoclastas
    • 3. Restoring the Initial Extent of the Iconophile Florilegiurn of 770: P and the Iconophile Florilegia of M and V
      • The Two Letters of Pope Gregory II to Leo III
      • The Adversus Constantinum Caballinum and the Νονθεσíκ γεροντος περì των αγíων εiκóνων
    • 4. The Original of F, M, and Y (=F) and Other Florilegia
      • The Florilegium of the Roman Councils of 731 and 769
      • The Doctrina Patrum
      • The Florilegia of John of Damascus
      • Conclusions
    • 5. F and the Acts of Nicaea 11 (787)
      • Introduction
      • PVM and the Quotations of Nicaea II
      • Conclusions
    • 6. F and Works Later than Nicaea II
  • IV. On the Use of Florilegia by the Seventh Ecumenical Council, Nicaea II, 787
  • V. The Archetype of Codex Parisinus Graecus 1115, the Liber de Fide Trinitatis (Libellus) of Nicholas of Cotrone, and the Treatise Contra Errores Graecorum of Thomas Aquinas
    • 1. The Treatise Contra Errores Graecorum of Thomas Aquinas and the Libellus of Nicholas of Cotrone
    • 2. The Libellus and the Archetype of Paris. gr. 1115
  • VI. Conclusions
    • 1. The Nature of the Archetype of Paris. gr. 1115
    • 2. The Availability of Greek Books in Rome until the Ninth Century
  • Appendices
    • I. List of Contents of Parisinus Graecus 1115 (fols. 235v–283v not included)
    • II. List of Contents of Folios 235v–283v of Parisinus Graecus 1115 (Iconophile Florilegium)
    • III. List of Contents of the Iconophile Florilegium of Mosquensis Historici Musei 265 (Vladimir 197) (M) (fols. 142–241)
    • IV. List of Contents of the Iconophile Florilegium of Venetus Marcianus Graecus 573 (V) (fols. 2–26)
    • V. Concordance of Appendices II–IV and Other Iconophile Florilegia
    • VI. Possible Stemma of Iconophile Florilegia
  • Addenda
  • Bibliography
  • General Index
  • Index of Proper Names
  • Index of Works Cited
  • Index of Manuscripts Cited
  • Index of Modern Authors

Awards & Accolades

  • 1994 Giovanni-Domenico Mansi Prize, Societas Internationalis Historiae Conciliorum Investigandae

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