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Materials Analysis of Byzantine Pottery

Edited by Henry Maguire

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ISBN 9780884022510

Publication Date: 01/01/1998


Related Subjects

  • Introduction
  • 1. Byzantine and Allied Pottery, Phase 2: Past Work on Materials Analysis and Future Prospects [Pamela Armstrong and Helen Hatcher]
  • 2. Argiles et eulogies en forme de jetons: Qal’at Sem’an en est-il une source possible? [Martine Gerard, Catherine Metzger, Alain Person, and Jean-Pierre Sodini]
  • 3. Plaques de céramique byzantine des collections publiques françaises [Jannic Durand]
  • 4. Glazed Wall Tiles of Constantinople: Physical and Chemical Characterization, Manufacturing, and Decorative Processes [C. Vogt, A. Bouquillon, M. Dubus, and G. Querré]
  • 5. Byzantine Tiles in the Walters Art Gallery and Dumbarton Oaks Collections: A Comparison of Technique [Julie A. Lauffenburger and Jane L. Williams]
  • 6. “Zeuxippus Ware” in Italy [Graziella Berti and Sauro Gelichi]
  • 7. Byzantine Ceramics Excavated in Pergamon: Archaeological Classification and Characterization of the Local and Imported Productions by PIXE and INAA Elemental Analysis, Mineralogy, and Petrography [S. Y. Waksman and J.-M. Spieser]
  • 8. Serres Ware [Demetra Papanikola-Bakirtzis]
  • 9. Compositional Analyses of Ceramics from Serres and Thessaloniki [Sarah Wisseman, Eric De Sena, Sheldon Landsberger, Robert Ylangan, Steven Altaner, and Duane Moore]
  • Index

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