Cover: The Roman Frontier in Central Jordan: Final Report on the Limes Arabicus Project, 1980–1989, from Harvard University PressCover: The Roman Frontier in Central Jordan in HARDCOVER

Dumbarton Oaks Studies 40

The Roman Frontier in Central Jordan

Final Report on the Limes Arabicus Project, 1980–1989

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ISBN 9780884022985

Publication Date: 01/01/2006


1104 pages

8-1/2 x 11 inches

442 black and white illustrations

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  • Foreword [John Dixon Hunt]
  • The Contributions of Archaeology to the Study of Ancient Roman Gardens [Wilhelmina F. Jashemski]
  • Landscape Archaeology and Garden History Research: Success and Promise at Bacon’s Castle, Monticello, and Poplar Forest, Virginia [William M. Kelso]
  • Garden History and Systematic Survey [Tom Williamson]
  • Early Japanese Horticultrual Treatises and Pure Land Buddhist Style: Sakuteiki and Its Background in Ancient Japan and China [Tan Tanaka]
  • Iconography in German and Austrian Renaissance Gardens [Reinhard Zimmerman]
  • The Conundrum of Le Nôtre’s Labyrinthe [Michael Conan]
  • Verbal versus Visual Meanings in Garden History: The Case of Rousham [John Dixon Hunt]
  • The Uses of Paintings in Garden History [Linda Cabe Halpern]
  • Picture and Poetry in Austrian Gardens of the Late Eighteenth Century [Géza Hajós]
  • The Château and Gardens of Mauperthuis: The Formal and the Informal [Robin Middleton]
  • Ornamental Planting and Horticulture in English Pleasure Grounds, 1700–1830 [Mark Laird]
  • Art and Science in the Design of Botanic Gardens, 1730–1830 [Therese O’Malley]
  • The Medieval Islamic Garden: Typology and Hydraulics [Yasser Tabbaa]
  • Gardens versus Citadels: The Territorial Context of Early Mughal Gardens [James L. Wescoat, Jr.]
  • Landscaping and Estate Management in Later Georgian England [Stephan Daniels, with Susanne Seymour and Charles Watkins]
  • Classical Greek Gardens: Between Farm and Paradise [Robin Osborne]
  • Index

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