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Dumbarton Oaks Colloquium on the History of Landscape Architecture 25

Baroque Garden Cultures

Emulation, Sublimation, Subversion

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Publication Date: 01/01/2005


Related Subjects

  • Introduction: The New Horizons of Baroque Garden Cultures [Michel Conan]
  • I. European Networks, from Emulation to Sublimation
    • 1. Of Plants and Gardeners, Prints and Books: Reception and Exchange in Northern European Garden Culture 1648–1725 [Erik A. de Jong]
    • 2. Gardens of Knowledge and the République des Gens de Sciences [Lucia Tongiorgi Tomasi]
  • II. Emulating the Politics of Garden Display
    • 3. Pastoral Landscape and Social Politics in Baroque Rome [Tracy L. Ehrlich]
    • 4. The Aesthetic and Social Reception and Development of the Baroque Garden in Sweden [Magnus Olausson]
    • 5. Saxon Baroque Gardens (1694–1733): Nature’s Entertainment Palaces [Roland Puppe]
  • III. Sublimation and Subversion of Baroque Garden Politics
    • 6. Islands of Delight: Shifting Perceptions of the Borromean Islands [Mergherita Azzi Visentini]
    • 7. Spectacle, Ritual, and Social Relations: The Son of Heaven, Citizens, and Created Space in 8. Imperial Gardens in the Northern Song [Stephen H. West]
    • 9. Friendship and Imagination in French Baroque Gardens before 1661 [Michel Conan]
    • 10. Polity and Politeness at Castle Howard: Awed and Angry Visitors in a Baroque Landscape Architecture [Lance Neckar]
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