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Byzantine Court Culture from 829 to 1204

Edited by Henry Maguire

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Publication Date: 01/01/1995

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  • Introduction
  • List of Abbreviations
  • I. Imperial Spaces
    • The Emperor in His Church: Imperial Ritual in the Church of St. Sophia [George P. Majeska]
    • Gardens of the Palaces [A. R. Littlewood]
  • II. Imperial Costumes and Cult Objects
    • Middle Byzantine Court Costume [Elisabeth Piltz]
    • Helping Hands for the Empire: Imperial Ceremonies and the Cult of Relics at the Byzantine Court [Ioli Kalavrezou]
    • Court Culture and Cult Icons in Middle Byzantine Constantinople [Annemarie Weyl Carr]
  • III. Interchanges with Foreign Courts
    • Byzantine Court Culture from the Point of View of Norman Sicily: The Case of the Cappella Palatina in Palermo [William Tronzo]
    • The Shared Culture of Objects [Oleg Grabar]
  • IV. Court Intellectuals and Rhetoric
    • Imperial Panegyric: Rhetoric and Reality [George T. Dennis]
    • In Search of the Byzantine Courtier: Leo Choirosphaktes and Constantine Manasses [Paul Magdalino]
  • V. Social Composition of the Byzantine Court
    • The Social World of the Byzantine Court [Alexander P. Kazhdan and Michael McCormick]
    • Title and Income at the Byzantine Court [Nicolas Oikonomides]
  • VI. Art of the Byzantine Court
    • Daedalus and the Nightingale: Art and Technology in the Myth of the Byzantine Court [James Trilling]
    • Présence et figures du souverain à Sainte-Sophie de Constantinople et à l’église de la Sainte-Croix d’Aghtamar [Catherine Jolivet-Lévy]
    • The Heavenly Court [Henry Maguire]
  • Index

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