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Dumbarton Oaks Colloquium on the History of Landscape Architecture 28

Botanical Progress, Horticultural Innovations, and Cultural Changes

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  • Introduction [Michel Conan and W. John Kress]
  • I. Ancient Linkages between Culture, Botany, and Horticulture
    • Visionary Rose: Metaphorical Application of Horticultural Practice in Persian Culture [Maria Subtelny]
    • Art and Sciences: Private Gardens and Botany in the Early Roman Empire [Alain Touwaide]
    • The Rose in Jewish Culture in Medieval Spain [Elliot Wolfson]
    • Links between the Ottoman and the Western World on Floriculture and Gardening [Nurhan Atasoy]
    • Precious Beauty: The Aesthetic and Economic Value of Aztec Gardens [Susan Toby Evans]
  • II. Linkages between Horticultural and Political Changes
    • Perfume and Power from the Ancient Near East to Late Antiquities [Yizhar Hirschfeld]
    • Horticultural Changes and Political Upheavals in Middle-Age Andalusia [Mohammed El Faïz]
    • Cultural Values and Political Change: Cherry Gardening in Ancient Japan [Wybe Kuitert]
    • Grafting as an Agricultural and Cultural Practice in Ancient China [Georges Métailié]
    • The Chinampas before and after the Conquest [Saúl Alcántara Onofre]
  • III. Horticultural Contributions to Economic and Cultural Changes
    • Conservation and Diffusion of Species Diversity in Northern Italy: Peasant Gardens of the Renaissance and After [Mauro Ambrosoli]
    • Horticultural Utopianism in France in the Late Eighteenth Century [Michel Conan]
    • From Practice to Theory: The Emerging Profession of Landscape Gardening in Early Nineteenth-Century America [Therese O’Malley]
    • Turning Over a New Leaf: The Impact of Qât (Catha edulis) in Yemeni Horticulture [Daniel Martin Varisco]
    • The Role of Horticulture in a Changing World [Peter del Tredici]
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