Cover: El Niño, Catastrophism, and Culture Change in Ancient America, from Harvard University PressCover: El Niño, Catastrophism, and Culture Change in Ancient America in HARDCOVER

El Niño, Catastrophism, and Culture Change in Ancient America

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Publication Date: 01/31/2009


438 pages

7 x 10 inches

69 black and white illustrations, 8 color illustrations

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Related Subjects

  • Preface [Joanne Pillsbury]
  • Introduction: Climate, Catastrophe, and Culture in the Ancient Americas [Daniel H. Sandweiss and Jeffrey Quilter]
  • I. Ancient American Climates
    • Paleoclimate from Ice Cores: A Framework for Archaeological Interpretations [Paul Andrew Mayweski]
    • El Niño and Interannual Variability of Climate in the Western Hemisphere [Kirk Allen Maasch]
  • II. The Andes
    • Climate Change, El Niño, and the rise of Complex Society on the Peruvian Coast during the Middle Holocene [James B. Richardson III and Daniel H. Sandweiss]
    • Catastrophe and the Emergence of Political Complexity: A Social Anthropological Model [Paul Roscoe]
    • Deciphering the Politics of Prehistoric El Niño Events on the North Coast of Peru [Brian R. Billman and Gary Huckleberry]
    • Deadly Deluges in the Southern Desert: Modern and Ancient El Niños in the Osmore Region of Peru [Michael E. Moseley and David K. Keefer]
    • Marching to Disaster: The Catastrophic Convergence of Inca Imperial Policy, Sand Flies, and El Niño in the 1524 Andean Epidemic [James B. Kiracofe and John S. Marr]
  • III. Central America and Mesoamerica
    • Armageddon to the Garden of Eden: Explosive Volcanic Eruptions and Societal Resilience in Ancient Middle America [Payson Sheets]
    • The Collapse of Maya Civilization: Assessing the Interaction of Culture, Climate, and Environment [Jason Yaeger and David A. Hodell]
    • And the Waters Took Them: Catastrophic Flooding and Civilization on the Mexican Gulf Coast [S. Jeffrey K. Wilkerson]
  • Notes on Contributors
  • Index

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