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Clio in the Italian Garden

Twenty-First–Century Studies in Historical Methods and Theoretical Perspectives

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Publication Date: 06/01/2011


288 pages

40 color illustrations, 43 black-and-white illustrations, 48 color photographs, 1 black-and-white photograph, 3 maps

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  • Foreword [John Beardsley]
  • Introduction: The Study of Italian Gardens: A Newly Expanding Field [Mirka Beneš and Michael G. Lee]
  • I. Historiography of Italian Gardens and Landscapes
    • 1. Methodological Changes in the Study of Italian Gardens from the 1970s to the 1990s: A Personal Itinerary [Mirka Beneš]
    • 2. “Grafting the Edelweiss on Cactus Plants”: The 1931 Italian Garden Exhibition and Its Legacy [Raffaella Fabiani Giannetto]
  • II. The Notion of Territorial Systems in Italian Villa Gardens
    • 3. Systems of Gardens in Italy: Princely Residences and Villas in Rome and Latium, Savoy Piedmont, Royal Bourbon Naples, and Bragheria, Sicily [Marcello Fagiolo]
    • 4. Residences of the Emergent Classes in Two Areas of Southern Italy [Vincenzo Cazzato]
  • III. Agents of Landscape Transformation: From Microstoria to Policies of Stewardship
    • 5. From the Italian Countryside to the Italianate Landscape: Peasants as Gardeners and Foreign Observers in Italy, 1500–1850 [Mauro Ambrosoli]
    • 6. Gardens and Landscapes as “Open-Ended Works” between Continuity and Transformation: Notes on the Role of Historical Studies [Lionella Scazzosi]
  • IV. Ways of Seeing the Landscape: Reconstructing Horizons of Perception and the Imaginary
    • 7. The Imaginary of Generative Nature in Italian Mannerist Gardens [Antonella Pietrogrande]
    • 8. Toward an Archaeology of the Gaze: The Perception and Function of Garden Views in Italian Renaissance Villas [Denis Riboullault]
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  • Bibliography
  • Index

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