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Dumbarton Oaks Papers, 68

Edited by Margaret Mullett

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ISBN 9780884024026

Publication Date: 02/23/2015


  • In Memoriam: David Winfield, 2 December 1929 – 28 September 2013
  • Exiling Bishops: The Policy of Constantius II [Walt Stevenson]
  • In Search of Monotheletism [Jack Tannous]
  • The Archaeology and Reconstruction of Zuartʿnocʿ [Christina Maranci]
  • The South Vestibule of Hagia Sophia at Istanbul: The Ornamental Mosaics and the Private Door of the Patriarchate [Philipp Niewöhner and Natalia Teteriatnikov]
  • Reality and Invention: Reflections on Byzantine Historiography [Ralph-Johannes Lilie]
  • An Enigmatic Literature: Interpreting an Unedited Collection of Byzantine Riddles in a Manuscript of Cardinal Bessarion (Marcianus Graecus 512) [Simone Beta]
  • Threads of Power: Clothing Symbolism, Human Salvation, and Female Identity in the Illustrated Homilies by Iakobos of Kokkinobaphos [Maria Evangelatou]
  • The Byzantino-Latin Principality of Adrianople and the Challenge of Feudalism (1204/6–ca. 1227/28): Empire, Venice, and Local Autonomy [Filip Van Tricht]
  • Notes
    • The Miniatures in the Rabbula Gospels: Postscripta to a Recent Book [Massimo Bernabò]
    • Odd Surnames Beginning with Alpha: A Selection of Examples on Byzantine Seals in the Harvard Collections [Werner Seibt and John Nesbitt]
    • The Image of the Virgin on the Sinai Hexaptych and the Apse Mosaic of Hagia Sophia, Constantinople [Zaza Skhirtladze]
  • Fieldwork Report: Results of the Tophane Area GPR Surveys, Bursa, Turkey [Suna Çağaptay, with April Kamp-Whittaker and Lawrence Conyers]
  • “The New Testament in Byzantium”: Dumbarton Oaks Symposium, 26–28 April 2013
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