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Dumbarton Oaks Papers, 69

Edited by Margaret Mullett

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ISBN 9780884024057

Publication Date: 03/14/2016


  • Mapping the Literary Landscape of Ephrem’s Theology of Divine Names [Jeffrey Wickes]
  • The Triumph of Dionysos in Constantinople: A Late Fifth-Century Mosaic in Context [Örgü Dalgıç]
  • A Subaltern’s Fate: The Office of Tourmarch, Seventh through Twelfth Century [Lain Wilson]
  • The Heavenly Court, Courtly Ceremony, and the Great Byzantine Ivory Triptychs of the Tenth Century [Antony Eastmond]
  • A Corpus of Early Medieval Armenian Silver [Timothy Greenwood]
  • * Appendix: Carbunculus ardens: The Garnet on the Narses Cross in Context [Noël Adams]
  • When a Column Speaks: The Liturgy of the Christian Parthenon [Stefanos Alexopoulos]
  • Humor in Byzantine Letters of the Tenth to Twelfth Centuries: Some Preliminary Remarks [Floris Bernard]
  • Komnenian Double Surnames on Lead Seals: Problems of Methodology and Understanding [Angelina Anne Volkoff]
  • Of Longings and Loves: Seven Poems by Theodore Prodromos [Margaret Alexiou]
  • Literary Haute Cuisine and Its Dangers: Eustathios of Thessalonike on Schedography and Everyday Language [Panagiotis A. Agapitos]
  • Writing ‘with Joyful and Leaping Soul’: Sacralization, Scribal Hands, and Ceremonial in the Lincoln College Typikon [Niels Gaul]
  • The Last Palaiologan Mosaic Program of Hagia Sophia: The Dome and Pendentives [Natalia Teteriatnikov]
  • Longuet’s ‘Salonica Hoard’ and the Mint of Thessalonike in the Mid-Fourteenth Century [Jonathan Shea]
  • A Shared Culture of Heavenly Fragrance: A Comparison of Late Byzantine and Ottoman Incense Burners and Censing Practices in Religious Contexts [Tera Lee Hedrick and Nina Ergin]
  • Fieldwork Report: 2007–2011 Excavations at Kilise Tepe: A Byzantine Rural Settlement in Isauria [Mark Jackson]
  • “Knowing Bodies, Passionate Souls: Sense Perceptions in Byzantium”: Dumbarton Oaks Symposium, 25–27 April 2014
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