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Theory of Gardens

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ISBN 9780884024538

Publication Date: 09/03/2019


  • Foreword [John Beardsley]
  • Introduction [Joseph Disponzio]
    • Morel’s Practical and Intellectual Formation and the Age of Enlightenment
    • Morel’s Théorie des jardins
    • The Second Edition
    • Notes
  • Bibliographic Essay [Joseph Disponzio]
  • Theory of Gardens [translated by Emily T. Cooperman]
    • I. Of Symmetrical Gardens
    • II. Of Nature’s Spectacle and the Advantages of the Country
    • III. Divisions of Gardens
    • IV. Of the Materials of Nature
    • V. Of Climate
    • VI. Of the Seasons
      • Of Spring
      • Of Summer
      • Of Autumn
      • Of Winter
    • VII. Of Terrain
      • Of Its General Effects
      • Principles for Shaping the Terrain
      • Conclusion
      • Of the Relationship of Terrain to the Classes of Gardens
    • VIII. Of Water
      • General Effects
      • Specific Characters of Water
    • IX. Of the Effects of Vegetation
    • X. Of Rocks
    • XI. Of Buildings
    • XII. Of the Countryside
      • Description of Ermenonville
    • XIII. Of the Park
      • Description of Guiscard
    • XIV. Of the Farm
    • XV. Of the Garden Proper
    • XVI. Of the Types
  • Notes to the Translation

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