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Dumbarton Oaks Colloquium on the History of Landscape Architecture 40

Landscape and the Academy

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Publication Date: 05/14/2019


360 pages

8-1/2 x 10-1/2 inches

188 photos, 8 illus., 7 color illus., 3 maps

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Related Subjects

  • Introduction [John Beardsley and Daniel Bluestone]
  • I. Campus Core
    • 1. Views of the Yard: The Evolving Image of Harvard’s Core Landscape [Joseph Claghorn]
    • 2. Reciprocal Narratives on Campus: Two Olmsted Brothers Cases [Gary R. Hilderbrand]
    • 3. On Hilltop High: The Enduring and Nurturing Landscapes of the Howard University Campus [Hazel Ruth Edwards]
    • 4. The Green and the Courts: The Landscape of Foothill College [Gina Crandell]
  • II. Grove, Garden, and Field
    • 5. “A Continental Laboratory”: The Landscape of the United States Military Academy at West Point [John Dean Davis]
    • 6. Pedagogy and Place: The Legacy of the Landscape at Vassar College [Karen van Lengen]
    • 7. Campus and Garden: Reconciling Typologies [Mark Hough and Linda Jewell]
    • 8. From the Classroom to the Countryside: The University of California’s Natural Reserve System and the Role of Field Stations in American Academic Life [Peter Alagona and Tim Paulson]
  • III. International Contexts
    • 9. A “Landscape of Learning” for New British Universities [John Dixon Hunt]
    • 10. Reconfiguring Mountain-and-Water (Shanshui) Campuses: The Landscape of Early Twentieth-Century Chinese Universities [Tianjie Zhang]
    • 11. Academy and Landscapes of Development: Land Planning and Nation Building in the Cold War Middle East [Burak Erdim]
    • 12. The U.S. Campus Abroad [Hilary Ballon]
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