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Dumbarton Oaks Colloquium on the History of Landscape Architecture 42

Military Landscapes

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164 color photos, 44 photos, 1 color illus., 17 illus.

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  • Foreword
    • 1. Introduction: Military Landscapes between Militarization and Representation [Anatole Tchikine, with John Dean Davis]
  • I. Representation
    • 2. Military Landscapes: Landscapes of Events [Antoine Picon]
    • 3. The Ancient Regional Defense System in Fenghuang, China [Zhang Jie]
    • 4. “Unified, Nationwide, Indestructible”: Command, Control, and the Construction of the Nuclear Battlefield [Daniel Volmar]
  • II. Scales of Nature
    • 5. Displaced Persons’ Gardens [Kenneth I. Helphand and Henk Wildschut]
    • 6. The Fortifications of Uncle Toby and Other Peaceful Uses of Military Landscapes [John Dixon Hunt]
    • 7. Transboundary Natures: From the Iron Curtain to the Green Belt [Astrid M. Eckert]
  • III. Gender and Race
    • 8. The Home Front as a Military Landscape: Imperial Russia, 1914–17 [Christine Ruane]
    • 9. Olmsted in the South, Olmsted at War [John Dean Davis]
    • 10. The Concept of “Defense Landscape” (Wehrlandschaft) in National Socialist Landscape Planning [Gert Gröning and Joachim Wolschke-Bulmahn]
  • IV. Infrastructure
    • 11. The Wars of Religion and the Canal du Midi [Chandra Mukerji]
    • 12. An Environmental History of the Ho Chi Minh Trail [Pamela McElwee]
  • V. Memorialization
    • 13. Jacques Callot’s Siege Landscapes [Peter Parshall]
    • 14. Military Memory Maneuvers in Dublin’s Phoenix Park, 1775–1820 [Finola O’Kane]
    • 15. Smashed to the Earth: Documenting, Remembering, and Returning to the 9/11 World Trade Center Attack Site [Patrick R. Jennings]
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