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Beatrix Farrand’s Plant Book for Dumbarton Oaks

Revised Edition

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ISBN 9780884024811

Publication Date: 07/19/2022


280 pages

7 x 10 inches

50 photos, 65 color photos, 1 illus., 1 color illus., 1 map

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  • List of Illustrations*
  • An Attempted Evocation of a Personality [Mildred Bliss, 1960]
  • Foreword to the 1980 Edition [Diane Kostial McGuire]
  • Foreword to the 2022 Edition [Thaïsa Way]
  • Introduction [Jonathan Kavalier]
  • The Plant Book
    • The South Front
      • Planting around the South Side of Dumbarton Oaks House
      • The South Front of the Orangery
      • The South Lawn
      • The East (Entrance) Drive
      • The West (Exit) Drive
      • Planting along the R Street Wall between the Entrance and Exit Gates
      • The Inner Edges of the East Lawn
      • The Path around the East Lawn
        • The Inner Edge from the Entrance Gate to the Terrior Column
        • The Outer Edge from the Entrance Gate to the Terrior Column
        • The Terrior Enclosure
        • Path Edging from the South Gate of the Fountain Terrace to the Orangery
    • Enclosed Gardens
      • The Green Garden and the North Front of the Orangery
      • The Star
      • The North Vista
        • The Terrace Adjoining the House
        • The Cedar Terrace and the Terrace Below
        • The North Section
        • The Tunnel
        • Planting beyond the West Wall
      • The Swimming Pool and Its Surroundings
      • The Stairway East of the Orangery
      • The Beech Terrace
      • The Box Terrace
      • The Rose Garden
      • The Fountain Terrace
      • The Herb Garden and Wisteria Arbor
      • The Box Walk
      • The Box Ellipse
    • Informal Gardens
      • Crabapple Hill
      • The Walk Leading from the Garage Court to the Box Ellipse
      • The Forsythia Dell
      • The Walk along the North Side of the Box Ellipse, over the Catalogue Hill
      • Cherry Hill, North and West of the Frame Yard
      • The Steps from the Kitchen Garden to the Lilac Circle, the Lovers’ Lane Trellis, and the Fence
      • The North End of Mélisande’s Allée, Below the Change of Level
      • The Upper Level of Mélisande’s Allée
      • The Lovers’ Lane Screen Plantations
      • The Lovers’ Lane Pool
      • The Orchard
      • The Goat Trail and the Steps to the Herbaceous Border
      • The Herbaceous Border
      • The Walk Connecting the Herbaceous Border with the Box Walk
    • The Museum Wing and Areas Not Generally Open to the Public
      • The Museum Courtyard
      • The Service Entrance at 1701 Thirty-Second Street
      • Inside the Thirty-Second Street Wall
      • Plantings North of the Music Room
      • The Copse North of the Music Room
      • The Director’s House and Terrace
      • The Service Driveway from Thirty-Second Street to the Garage Court
      • The Garage Court
      • The Superintendent’s Cottage
      • The Knoll to the West of the Superintendent’s Cottage
      • The Cottage Northeast of the Fellows’ Quarters
      • The Fellows’ Quarters
      • The Enclosed Yard to the North of the Fellows’ Quarters
  • * Illustrations
    • Beatrix Jones Farrand in the library at 21 East Eleventh Street, New York
    • View of the south facade to the west, with oaks, 1957
    • South facade of the house, 1976
    • View of the south facade of the house with foundation planting, ca. 1967
    • Boxwood and holly at the entry court, 1979
    • Buxus sempervirens, Common box
    • Buxus sempervirens suffruticosa, Edging box
    • Wistaria trained on the south facade of the orangery, 1978
    • View from the orangery to the garden entrance gate, 1979
    • Quercus alba, White oak
    • The R Street border plantation, 1979
    • Ulmus americana, American elm
    • Quercus rubra, Red oak
    • The east lawn, looking southeast
    • The east lawn, 1979
    • Eastward view of the path from the gatehouse, between the katsura and the R Street wall, 1979
    • Katsura and Japanese maple on the east lawn, 1979
    • Box border at the northeast corner of the east lawn, 1979
    • The Terrior Column and ivy bower, 1978
    • The Terrior Column and the path, 1979
    • The path from the Terrior Column to the orangery, 1979
    • Magnolia, “The Bride,” on the south side of the orangery, 1978
    • The Green Garden, 1925
    • The Green Garden, ca. 1935
    • The Aquarius Fountain on the west wall of the Star, ca. 1948
    • The north facade of the house, ca. 1900
    • Work on the North Vista ca. 1921, before Beatrix Farrand was given the commission
    • The North Vista planted with box, ca. 1930
    • Views of the North Vista showing wall construction, 1950
    • The French steps, urns, and the horse-chestnut tree, ca. 1948
    • The French steps and north facade of the house, ca. 1977
    • The North Vista in 1959
    • The southwest corner of the swimming-pool terrace, 1964
    • Westward view of the swimming pool with fountain mock-up, 1931
    • Westward view of the swimming pool with two urn mock-ups, 1932
    • The swimming pool and loggia, 1957
    • Interior of the orangery with Ficus pumila, 1979
    • The east facade of the orangery, ca. 1930
    • View from the Rose Garden to the orangery, 1923
    • View from the Rose Garden to the orangery, 1932
    • View from the Rose Garden to the orangery, 1967
    • Fagus grandifolia on the Beech Terrace, 1979
    • Fagus sylvatica, English beech
    • The Box Terrace, 1931
    • One of a pair of Magnolia stellata flanking the Box Terrace, 1979
    • View of the Box Terrace, 1967
    • The Rose Garden, 1927
    • Representative plan of the Rose Garden, 1933
    • Northeast view of the Rose Garden, 1964
    • The west retaining wall and stairs above the Fountain Terrace, 1923
    • The Fountain Terrace, 1925
    • The west retaining wall and stairs above the Fountain Terrace, 1967
    • The Fountain Terrace with the Wistaria Arbor in the background, 1979
    • Stonework in the southeast corner of the Fountain Terrace, with Fagus sylvatica, 1979
    • The Herb Garden with the aerial hedge, 1978
    • The Wistaria Arbor from the east, 1979
    • Lonicera japonica, Japanese honeysuckle
    • The Box Walk
    • Platanus occidentalis, Buttonwood
    • Cornus florida, Flowering dogwood
    • The Box Ellipse, ca. 1956
    • Topographical view of Dumbarton Oaks, a watercolor, 1935
    • Crabapple Hill, 1979
    • The walk leading from the garage court to the Box Ellipse, 1976
    • Paeonia albiflora, Chinese peony
    • The Forsythia Dell, 1959
    • View from Cherry Hill toward the catalogue house, 1979
    • Cherry Hill, ca. 1975
    • The Lilac Circle, 1979
    • Bench and steps at the north end of Mélisande’s Allée, 1978
    • Mélisande’s Allée, with markers for a proposed vase, ca. 1930
    • The brick path and Narcissus in Mélisande’s Allée, ca. 1967
    • The east slope outside the Herb Garden, as seen from Mélisande’s Allée, 1967
    • Diospyros virginiana, Persimmon
    • The Lovers’ Lane Pool, with brick and turf seats, 1967
    • The Lovers’ Lane Pool and prospect to the north, 1978
    • The Orchard, ca. 1975
    • Cedrus libani, Cedar-of-Lebanon
    • Eastward view of the Herbaceous Border, 1932
    • Westward view of the Herbaceous Border, 1932
    • The south entrance to the Herbaceous Border, 1931
    • View of the toolhouse in the cutting garden, with Box Walk in the background, 1933
    • Toolhouses in the kitchen garden, 1933
    • The museum courtyard, 1978
    • The service entrance, 1701 Thirty-second Street, 1959
    • Planting at the service entrance, 1959
    • Espaliered Magnolia grandiflora at the entrance to the museum, 1978
    • Salix babylonica, Weeping willow
    • The Copse north of the Music Room
    • Latticework surrounding the boulingrin at the north end of the Copse, ca. 1948
    • Pool with rocaille work at the entrance to the boulingrin, ca. 1948
    • The garage court and greenhouse, 1932
    • The superintendent’s cottage, 1932
    • Jasminum officinale, Common white jasmine
    • Wisteria sinensis on the south facade of the fellows’ quarters, 1979
    • Map of the Dumbarton Oaks Gardens, 1979

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