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Dumbarton Oaks Colloquium on the History of Landscape Architecture 44

Segregation and Resistance in the Landscapes of the Americas

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  • Preface
    • 1. Introduction [Eric Avila and Thaïsa Way]
  • I. Landscapes of Segregation: Intentions and Rationales
    • 2. Developing Spaces of Exclusion [Paige Glotzer]
    • 3. Quarantine, Eradication, and Prescription: How Health Segregated the American Urban Landscape [Sara Jensen Carr]
    • 4. Open Land for Whom? Racial Segregation and Chicago’s Urban Environment [Brian McCammack]
    • 5. Painting Race in Space: Landscape Hierarchies and Spatial Inequity in the Recursive Folds of Coloniality [Zannah Mae Matson]
  • II. Segregation as Discursive Project
    • 6. Following the Concrete Supply Chain: Quarries, Industrial Planning, and Environmental Racism in the Lehigh Valley [Vyta Pivo]
    • 7. Jim Crow and Frank Lloyd Wright [Dianne Harris]
    • 8. A Landscape of Dissonance: Erasing Blackness in Suburban Appalachia [Sharone L. Tomer]
    • 9. Reconciliation, Sustainability, and Renewal: Development Discourses in Ottawa, Canada [Heather Dorries]
  • III. Counternarratives and Resistance
    • 10. Communal Gardens, Defensive Design, and Urban Apartheid in Chinatown: Merced, California, 1870–1910 [Verenize Arceo and David Rouff]
    • 11. Urban Markets / Rural Slums: Exploitation and Resistance in California’s “Unincorporated” Landscape [Alison B. Hirsch]
    • 12. Black History at the University of Alabama [Hilary Green]
    • 13. From Plantation to Museum: The Whitney Plantation (Habitation Haydel) of the German Coast of Louisiana (1750–1860) [Ibrahima Seck]
    • 14. “Monticello is a Black Space”: The Getting Word Project and the Future of African American History at Monticello [Niya Bates]
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  • Index

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